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Norwell High School sort of Re-Brand


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I decided to do this quick little rebrand project for my cousin's school because right now they pretty much only use a "N" for their logo and their other logos are never consistent.








Here are their current logos that are used interchangeably. 




Side note: a while back I created this little thread and the clipper logo is from this school. I tried to remake it but I never got the result I wanted, maybe later on though.

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18 hours ago, Broncoboy7 said:

I'm curious what the ship in the first old logo would look like if you modernized it, but otherwise, great rebrand on the other ones. Maybe we could collaborate on something in the future if you're up for it?

I modernized it a while ago for a thread not related to the school and I was going to try and clean it up a bit but I just couldn't get it right.


This is what it looked like about a year ago. The main thing I couldn't get around were the sails



I'd totally be down for a collab! Just send me a DM.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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