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Largest court logo?


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32 minutes ago, andycumbee19 said:

Instantly thought of the LameCocks. But I guess if you can't win anything of note, win "Longest Wordmark on a Court"




Good for them.


They changed it up this year.  No longer have the "South Carolina".  Also changed up the gamecock a little bit.  I liked the old version of the center court logo better.


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4 minutes ago, Sykotyk said:
11 hours ago, DC in Da House w/o a Doubt said:

The U comes to mind for me



The U did it, though, it seems, to keep the tipoff circle from infringing on their logo. To keep it to scale, meant it had to be pretty big.


They could have put a normal-sized U logo inside the circle.

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14 minutes ago, PhilliesPhan1325 said:

Do multiple logos count? Going back and visiting this for the first time was overwhelming...



This shouldn't even be allowed. I'm not a fan of anything infringing between the inside of the 3 point arc and the lane. They should be differentiated IF there's something there. Makes it more difficult for players to line up for shots from 3 if there's a bunch of other color lines running through. Also, with the logo going beyond the inbounds areas, may make it more difficult to determine where the OOB line is.

2 hours ago, TFet41 said:

Texas A&M-Commerce


I like the old aircraft hanger gyms. As for the court, it works because it's muted/washed out, and it delineates the three point arc and the lane well. Also, the logo doesn't feel like a logo. It's just part of the court. If it were white, with an outline, etc, it would look garish.

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