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Canada Hockey Uniform Concept by Scheuer


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I wasn't really with Canada's World Cup of Hockey uniforms they used this year. Canada has a really unique and storied hockey history, and the jersey didn't really respect that. It was a little too modern and stripped down for my tastes. I wanted to come up with something that respected the past and was modern and forward thinking at the same time. I figured that I have a hot hand with concepts right now, so I figured I'd take a shot at it.


To do this, I took inspiration from two uniforms in particular. The first was the Winnipeg Falcons Team Canada throwbacks that they wore in 2004. I really like the center chest stripe, as well as the styling of the maple leaf. The second was the 2010 Olympic jerseys that Canada wore when they won the gold medal. I thought that the jersey was really really good, especially with the striping and First Nations design sublimated in the maple leaf. 


I first wanted to come up with some logos for the jersey and the rest of the uniform. I wanted to take the old styled maple leaf and combine it with the First Nations elements from the 2010 maple leaf. Here are the maple leaf logos that I came up with for the jersey.




I took an irregular looking silver maple leaf and sublimated a Pacific Northwest First Nations design on top of it. I moved the arching "Canada" from the Falcons throwback down below the leaf, similar to the 2010 maple leaf logo.


For the jerseys, I wanted the same mix of old school and new school. Here are the two jerseys:





The home set is red with a white stripe in the middle of the jersey. The yoke is darker red, with the same dark red in the inside of the two white stripes. The away set is the reverse of the home, except for the red yoke. Both sets have black helmets and pants, as well as red socks.


All C&C and feedback welcome and appreciated!

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You are just cranking out the concepts lately! All of them have been great, including this one. I love the hidden pattern within the leaf of the logo, and the shape of the leaf is unique too. Kind of a blend between the Maple leafs and the Canadian flag. Great work. 

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That Leaf seems very out of place in this set, everything else is clean and modern. With a more modern leaf and a number set that ties it's dna to the font you chose for "Canada" and "Player" would start to make this look more cohesive. 

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