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Norwich City F.C. Redesign


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Around two years ago I created a Norwich City F.C. logo redesign in a minimalist style. It wasn't very strong and I didn't put much effort into. So, for an assignment in my Corporate Design class we had to redesign an existing brand. I saw this as a great opportunity to reimagine what I did back in 2015. 


I developed a custom typeface based off the angles used in the brand elements.

The pattern was inspired by panels on a standard soccer ball and mesh found in a soccer net. 


It's a lot of big images so I'll post the main ones here. You can view the full project on my portfolio website or Behance
















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This is really well done. I'm not wild on the NCFC square mark, if only because the slight asymmetrical nature of the N draws a lot of attention, when the rest of the mark is very uniform. I do really like the typeface itself though and the fully spelt out Norwich City F.C.  That main shield logo is excellent, and I like how you've used the uniqueness of the shield's shape and extended it to other elements like the app icon.

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