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AHL | Chicago Wolves Rebrand | w/ Chicago flag colors

Go Red Sox!

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Here's my latest rebrand of an American Hockey League team, the Chicago Wolves.


They're still using their first logo from 1994/95 and it's not a beauty. It's mainly black and silver-gray, so to me it's missing color, the uniform colors. It's definitely iconic for die-hard Wolves fans which I understand, but I decided to give this team a new, simple and modern look. So: gone is the wolf head with the oversized puck and the hockey stick. The new wolf is a howling one. Simply because I love wolves and to me the sound they make is the sound of nature, freedom and pure wilderness! The team colors are mostly untouched. Pantone Silver 877 C was replaced with Cool Gray 10 C and Pantone Burgundy is a notch lighter than in their current mark.































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I love this, except for the alternate (with the howling wolf and the star). The star just seems to be... floating, like it's a completely separate mark. I'd try something more like what I made in five seconds (see below, hope you don't mind my mocking it up), using a bigger star in the background as opposed to a smaller one above it, making the whole thing one cohesive image as opposed to a star and a wolf. I know it's the wrong six pointed star, I just wanted to show what I meant



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20 hours ago, brewersbaseball4life said:

I absolutely love the use of the Chicago star, but it just doesn't work with the secondary logo (the C). I'd think about removing it and adding it to the paw logo. Overall though, it's a really great looking redesign. 


Thanks brewersbaseball4life. Just posted two more "C" using the star(s).

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44 minutes ago, PackerFan98 said:

I would go with option A.The star is well incorporated. You could then use option C as the captains patch.


that you could do the alternates' A badge with 4 stars in the side same as design C which I liked the best

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Another job well done, Red Sox, as always.


I would go with the third option for the C. I'm not seeing the similarity to the Indians at all. This has stars, no serif, different colors, and two outlines, while the Indians don't even use a single outline. I think you'd be better off with with option C.


I'm really digging that primary mark, though. Is that a custom font?

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Thanks for your comments, guys. Took me a little longer this time to respond.


I decided to pick secondary mark draft A, although C is my favorite one. Why? Firstly, I do agree that there is some similarity with the block C the Indians have been using as their primary mark (although my mark has a different coloration, plus a stroke, different block C).  But the NFL's Captain's patch is also a C with four stars, regardless of how it's designed. Too many similarities at once which I didn't like, that's why my winner is draft A.


I also edited the wolf's lower part of the snout, making the white part more prominent.


By the way: Is the "W" (for Wolves) in the wolf's tail even too subtle, not prominent enough? Just asking because nobody has mentioned it yet.

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