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Rocky Mountain Rage Redesign


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The Rocky Mountain Rage was an obscure team in the Central Hockey League that played in Broomfield, Colorado. I grew up with them. The little outdoor rink I played at in a nearby town sold tickets to the games, so my family and I would always buy tickets and go to the games. Even though we only got one or two games per year through the rink, we bought a ton of other tickets and saw the team a ton. The product on the ice was never that good, (They were notorious for blowing huge leads in the 3rd) and the seats were never full, but we still loved them. Hell, I still own a Rage hat shaped like a hockey helmet and a Rage jersey, which was the basis for most of these designs.


I also noticed that there are no good, high-quality versions of their logo online. Below is a recreation of it to the best of my ability. If anyone ever wants to use it or someone wants to add it to the motherboard, go ahead.

Rage Main Logo1.png


Also, below is the best recreation of the jerseys I could make from before their end.

OLD Pres.png


Here is my redesign. Not a ton of changes.



Here's my redesign. The waist striping is honestly the only change, because I love the flames on the arms. It's a lot more like the previous Avalanche jerseys, with the mountains and all.


I know it's not a humongous cahnge, but what do you guys think?

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40 minutes ago, NoE38 said:

The jersey design looks good, One thing to consider is that the sleeves and hem should at least have some similarity to each other. Sleeve numbers?

Just a curious question: Would you know how big the arena was and how many people went to games?



Here's all I could find. Best guess is that in a hockey format the arena could hold about 5,000


Click here.

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