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Hampton High School Rebrand concept UPDATE


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I was watching Allen Iverson's 30 for 30 and saw his rival school's logo. I researched the Hampton crabbers and found out they still have the same logo. They also have problem with brand control, they use many logos that aren't connected.

I attached my concept along with the logos they use. The crabs claw form an H.

I feel like I need to change the eyes but don't know what i should do. 

C&C wanted. 


Crabber old.jpg

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9 hours ago, Broncoboy7 said:

Good redesign, but I'm not sure I can really distinct the H from the claws


6 hours ago, panthers_2012 said:

I can't see the H in the claws either. I would also try shading your logo. It's just laying flat and if you add shading, it'll pop more. 


6 hours ago, hettinger_rl said:

I would work on the eyes and differentiate the legs a bit more. Right now I'm getting a goomba vibe:


I made a few updates- i added details and shading on the shell, changed the claws, changed the eyes to a more realistic crab, and changed the mouth. 



Crabber logo two.jpg

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