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Leipzig Hawks American Football Concept


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So my oldest son coaches in Germany with the Leipzig Hawks. 


For fun thought I would try some things that would be difficult to do in the USA... back of jersey goes form black to green to white.


The stitching will be contrast, with green thread, the one thing I love about the new Cleveland set.


So, I updated their logo, and flipped to a white helmet from Lime. 






Updated Logo





Uniform Concept




As always C&C welcome


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2 hours ago, cubsfan2015 said:

Looks great. What position is he the coach for?

Technically he is a Linebackers Coach, and QB's. But he works with the entire defense. 


He was a safeties coach here. 

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10 hours ago, panthers_2012 said:

Nice update. The different colors on the jersey work with this concept. Nice job!! 


I debated just white, but for some reason this worked. Now to see the sample I ordered

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On 2/16/2017 at 11:39 AM, StaatsBrett said:

What company is the manafacter


The manufacturer is from Pakistan who does contract work for me. The brand is ASENZ, my own that has emerged from my team graphics project. 

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