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NY Islanders Fisherman Cleanup


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I got bored, and thought I'd try to clean up one of the most complex identities in hockey history. Here's my take on the New York Islanders' fisherman era.





Logo Pres.png



I completely eliminated gray from the color scheme. Grey works well for a lot of teams but it overcomplicates a team that needs to keep it simple. You can use four colors if you do it right, but adding in gray ruins an otherwise great color scheme.


Jersey Pres.png



I grew up (And still am, admittedly) a fan of the fisherman jerseys, and therefore didn't want to touch the jerseys a whole lot. I cleaned up the fonts, made the jersey striping the same thickness, and really cleaned it up as a whole.


I know there weren't any major changes, but I'd love any and all feedback on the designs, and presentation.

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