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Oakland A's Tweaks

Big Yellow Flag

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Hi all. I'm a huge A's fan, have been my whole life. It's not the easiest life, but at least our uniforms are easy on the eyes now that we ditched the black, right? Nevertheless, there have always been a few things here and there I wanted to tweak. Well, over the past few days, I sat down and did it. Read on.



Home uniform is relatively unchanged. One thing that's always bugged me is the hats saying A's instead of A, which is much more in line with tradition, so that's fixed. I also brought back the '70s pant stripe, which I've always loved, and a slightly colorful belt, an homage to that era, as well. Making their return with the stripe are the striped high socks and the yellow sannies.




On the road, we keep things simple, a gray version of the home threads. Same stripe, same socks, same elephant on the sleeve. The chest, of course, says Oakland, because this is baseball, and we wear gray with city names on the road. The hat, and I think a lot of people will dislike this, is the color-flipped version of the home. I've always loved the look, I think it looks sharp.




For the one and only alternate, I kept the current yellow alternate, it's one of my favorite colored jerseys in the league right now. On the hat, I brought the current road hat in because there's a hell of a lot of yellow going on here. If worn on the road, they'd obviously be wearing the gray pants.



Batting Practice

Batting practice, we kept it nice and simple. Green jersey, yellow A, stripes down the side and an elephant on the sleeve. The big change that you'll notice is on the hat. I've brought back the old elephant with the crossed bats. I've always liked it, and I don't really know why they got rid of it, so it's back on a green crown and gold bill (home hat, different logo).



Spring training

I'm not a big fan of the nonsense MLB keeps pulling on the spring training jerseys, and this is my perfect world, so this is a return to simplicity, a return to nice, clean jerseys, no more overproduction. As a matter of face, for spring training my A's are wearing almost exactly the same thing they're wearing for batting practice the whole season, with three changes total. One, the stripe is simplified, one green stripe instead of green-yellow-green. I've always liked the Cowboys taking the star off the helmets for camp until you earn it, so we simplify it until you "Earn your stripes" by making the roster. Two, the obvious addition of a spring training logo on the right sleeve; I couldn't find a clean version of the real one (I love MS Paint), so that's a standard placeholder. Three, of course, is the hat, where I've replaced the elephant with crossed bats with the other elephant with crossed bats, the one with the sunglasses and rays. It is, after all, Arizona.



So yeah, that's pretty much my ideal look for my boys in gold and green. Thoughts? Suggestions? Constructive criticisms? Over-the-top praise?

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Not a fan of the outlines on the cap "A", and also not a fan of dropping the " 's " from "A's".. Additionally, the road hat isn't a true color-flipped version, because it should keep the white A and flip the yellow outline to green..

Love the uniforms though.. For the caps, I'd suggest using the current home primary and the previous road primary.. You can have fun with the alt's, but you're primary caps are a bit of a mess imo

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We wore an A in Philadelphia, sans "'s," and again when we moved to Oakland until 1969 (in Kansas City the hats said KC). I wanted to return to that because of what it meant, and also because in baseball we normally wear the city's initials (NY, TB, KC, StL, S, H, M, etc.). The A always stood for Athletic Baseball Club, since that was the name, and I like that bit of tradition that we lost by adding the "'s."


I'll look into fixing the colors. I like the yellow crown (I flipped the brim and the crown, not all the colors), but I'll poke around.



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