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Denver Nuggets Modern Retro Concept


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Haven't posted in a while - but here's a quick concept for the Denver Nuggets for next season. I found the logo on a trademarks site. It appears the Nuggets registered back in the late 90's and I thought given the roundel trend it makes sense. Simplified the rainbow city skyline and used modern colors. The home alternate is slightly different than the home and away set and the road alternate reminds me a bit of Marquette but overall I like the color balance. Thoughts? 




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I really like the simplification of the skyline uniforms, and I absolutely love the return of the miner logo on the alternate. The centering of the number on the front of the jerseys definitely contributes along with the color palette to the Marquette comparison, and it works very well in terms of balance.


The only suggestions I have are to remove the tramp stamp logos from the shorts and to increase the size of the front wordmark on the road alternates. Other than that, this is a wonderful set!

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You've done a pretty good job with this concept. I like the way that you've simplified the mountain/skyline design to work with the current color scheme, and your number font choice is pretty good. Also, any concept that resurrects the jumping miner is golden (pun intended) in my book.


However, I really wish you would dump the Copperplate. It's not a particularly good-looking font, and it doesn't fit all that well with the sans-serif numbers. A taller, rounded font would look better in this case. The road alternate is also a little lackluster, as I'm not a big fan of the way you've outlined their script. Perhaps arching it would improve the look?


I think you've got a solid start here, and I think you're a few refinements away from a winner.

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