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Greek Foods Co.


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I would have to disagree with the assertion that the fonts go together.  The serifs on the second font clash with the straight-line simplicity of the classical Greek font.

It is just this kind of font clash that makes me dislike the Brooklyn Cyclones' cap logo, in which the florid B and the sleek C look terrible together.  


Brooklyn Cyclones (2001 - Pres)



This could be cured by using a C that is more compatible to the B, as in the cap logo of the Kansas City A's.


Kansas City Athletics (1963 - 1967)


Obviously that C is not only more compatible, it is from the same font.  So you might want to consider that approach in your logo, and render "Foods co." in the same Greek font.  (Aside: the lower-case treatment of "co." is a bit curious.)

If you don't want to use the Greek font for the whole thing, then stick to a sans-serif font that uses mainly straight lines, so that it will sit more nicely alongside the Greek font.



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the Pantheon icon is a little more complex than it needs to be. you could cut off a little of the sides, still get the idea across, and enlarge the icon so the space between columns isnt so tight. but, the use of the Pantheon seems a little easy. id like to see a 3rd or 4th idea and i think there's room for a nice visual pun. what if the Pantheon were also a grocery bag or had vegeitables in the negative space?


the type is also off, and an easy choice. its fun but a little too cliche. i think this is where you say "the icon carries the idea and the type doesnt need to reinforce it, only assist it". the choice of the second font seems fine


a lot of gray area there, but one thing im certainly not a fan of is the color palette. the green and black is too close in value. it just looks a but odd and anything but "fresh" that you'd like to see here. think of the Publix green. this palette actually feels rotten, but a better, brighter choice in green and eliminating black will fix it

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