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NHL Logos under Adidas Branding for 2017-18


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Like most, due to Adidas' ownership of Reebok, I do not believe many drastic logo changes will come to the NHL logo-wise. I believe most teams will see either recolors or promotion of  alternates to primaries, with only one or two teams receiving full on new logos. However, here are my ideas/suggestions regarding logo changes for both the Pacific Division and the Metropolitan division.



Pacific Division Adidas Changes.jpg


LA Kings: I see the Kings keeping their current color scheme but this is a mixed concept that I made. It involves a mix of their rarely seen stadium series logo and the old crown from the franchise's inception, rather than the dated and complex current crown. This could work as either an alternate or (preferably) a primary.


San Jose Sharks: I see the shark's new alternate logo for 2016-17 ready to take over the current sharks logo. This and the Panthers logo were the only all-new non-anniversary logos introduced this year, so I see it promoted to the primary. It is an improvement over the previous logo.


Anaheim Ducks: This is the logo change I and most really want to see: the duck mask must return. Strip it straight from the already used alternate and promote it to a primary and demote the "D" logo down to an alternate.


Edmonton Oilers: This logo is either staying the same or, in my opinion, getting a minor recolor to give it more of the classic look.


Vegas Golden Knights: This logo was unveiled earlier this year. I'm not much of a fan, but it is what it is.


Calgary Flames: Black will be removed from the team's color scheme entirely, reverting its colors back to the much preferred older color scheme.


Vancouver Canucks: I think either the orca logo stays or, preferably, the classic canucks hockey stick "C" makes its way as a primary.


Arizona Coyotes: No changes.



Metro Division Adidas Changes.jpg


New Jersey Devils: Although a new logo is rumored for the Devils, I don't see their classic NJ icon leaving anytime soon. If anything, I see their colors being reverted back to red and green to differentiate itself from the many bland red and black teams out there. If they do choose to go with a redesign, I hope it at least keeps the spirit of this logo.


New York Rangers: No changes. Possibly the return of lady liberty?


New York Islanders: No changes. However, the life that this logo has left with the Islanders scheduled to be arena-less in 2019 may be short...


Pittsburgh Penguins: No changes. This recolor was perfect for the franchise and nothing needs to be added.


Carolina Hurricanes: No changes, unfortunately. While the logo is bleh right now, the team has been dead last in attendance and I see relocation in sight. The team will not waste resources on a new logo if the team has no time left in North Carolina.


Philadelphia Flyers: No changes. Very solid and classic logo with no need for change.


Columbus Blue Jackets: I see their much acclaimed alternate logo taking the place of their much derided primary. This is a fantastic logo that better represents a primary logo than their primary logo.


Washington Capitals: I see their word mark logo falling into secondary territory, while their eagle logo gets a few minor tweaks to color and design and gets promoted to the primary. The logo is amazing and its wanted.


Do you agree?


Will add the Atlantic and Central Conference soon...

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 I agree its likely (and hopefully) that The canucks and Ducks promote their alternates to primaries. It would be a massive upgrade. I can also see San Jose promoting the new Shark to primary as well, but wouldn't bet on it. I highly doubt LA changes their logo to that one, especially after 2 recent Stanley Cups.




Not much to say here either, Columbus and Washington could make a change but I'd argue its more likely the Caps go back to their classic wordmark Capitals uniforms as opposed to the modern ones.


I know the Devils are making some changes but I don't see them bringing green back into their colour scheme now.

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Yeah, mashing up two logos and adding some stars doesn't really make this a concept to echo above. Even if you don't do jerseys for every team, some of you're logo choices are interesting and it'd be nice to see how you would utilize them on the ice.

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Central Division Adidas Changes.jpg


Colorado Avalanche: A major logo change is due for the Avs and their current alternate jersey logo seems to fit the bill perfectly. It removes the light blue from the color scheme and creates a much more crisp and non-dated feel to the team.


Dallas Stars: While I would like Dallas to go back to the gold, I don't see any changes incoming. 


Chicago Blackhawks: No changes. A timeless classic.


Minnesota Wild: No changes. This logo is easily the most underrated in the league and should not change.


Nashville Predators: No changes. A slick and modern logo relatively recently updated, so I don't see this getting replaced.


St. Louis Blues: No (likely) changes. However, due to the popularity of the winter classic colors, the logo could see minor changes.


Winnipeg Jets: This is where things get interesting. The Jets actually now hold the rights to their historical uniforms and content. I can see them going either two ways: 1) Modernizing their classic logo with their new colors and jet, or 2) Keeping their current logo. You guys decide what the option is, because I can't make up my mind.



Atlantic Division Adidas Changes.jpg


Boston Bruins: No changes. A classic original six logo that won't fade.


Buffalo Sabres: While the team should keep the same logo, I think the removal of gray from their color scheme will occur (apologize, its hard to see). The red eye should also change to yellow to simplify their color/production scheme.


Detroit Red Wings: No changes. Oldest logo in the NHL. It will go untouched.


Florida Panthers: No changes. Brand new solid logo, so replacement is next to none.


Ottowa Senators: The much derided primary should finally be ditched for the much more loved alternate side view warrior.


Toronto Maple Leafs: No changes. Great logo update that will last a long time.


Tampa Bay Lightening: Change of their shade of blue to reflect their jersey's color, along with a black outline as they try to bring black back into the team's color scheme.


Montreal Canadiens: No change. Another original six logo that will go untouched.



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Guest darkpiranha

Definitely the classic-er Jets logo.  The new one is just so bland and static and doesn't foster any sort of emotion or excitement.  And that original Jets logo (along with the Nordiques and Whalers logos) are deserving of eventually earning Stanley Cup success.  (Sabres and Canucks have at least had their shots in the finals)  

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I don't know how popular the Sharks new secondary logos are with all Sharks fans, however, from some quick internet surfing, sounds like most, including myself  like 'em.  In my opinion it's a fresh update to the current logo. I'd say it's almost a certainty that the Sharks will use the new logos on the jerseys at some point in the near future.


Here was what the Sharks said when they were released:

 via PHT on NBC Sports:




The secondary marks will be incorporated into the look and feel of the new campaign for 2016-17. They will be used in a limited number of marketing applications this season. The new marks will first be used in the Los Tiburones jersey giveaway that all fans in attendance to the Sharks game on October 29, 2016 against the Nashville Predators. See more at sjsharks.com/promotions.

The marks will not be replacing the current logos; they are to be used in addition to the current logos. They will not be used on the 2016-17 jerseys.


That's a lot of 'not this season' there has been no mention of after the 2017 season. So I'd be a bit surprised to not see them as the primary set in 2017-18 when Adidas' jersey contract kicks in.  

My guess: The Heritage jerseys with the new Sharks logo.  Notice the Gray added back in and the orange being relegated even more.  

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