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AHL-NHL Identity Swap Series (BUF-ROC Added)


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Hey all, I'm back with a sub-series of my Identity Swaps, this time swapping between NHL teams and their AHL affiliates. For now, I'm posting a draft of a Panthers logo based on their Springfield counterpart for some feedback. Uniforms are to come later, along with some more swaps. (So far, I have Montreal done.)

So here it is! C&C is appreciated!




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Thanks everyone!

I fixed up a couple issues with the wordmark portion of the logo, then applied it to uniforms. I combined the Panthers' original set's striping pattern with the Thunderbirds' uniform style. I like how this turned out overall. What do you think?


The Canadiens/Rocket Swap is on deck for tomorrow!

Also, check out my blog for concepts not in any particular series at ldconcepts95.blogspot.com!

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Got away from this series, but found new inspiration for one of my first ideas... swapping the Ducks and their AHL affiliate, the San Diego Gulls. 


I played around with a bunch of unused Duck logos to replace the gull, but I ended up rotating and fitting the Mighty mask to the head. The rest of the logo is straightforward, replacing the San Diego with Anaheim, Gulls with Ducks, and the blue with gold, which continues onto the jerseys. For the shoulder patch, I replaced the SD with a recoloured version of the Ducks' OC patch, then put it on the other shoulder.


C&C Appreciated!

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Sabres/Americans look gorgeous and uncluttered, classy look for two classy teams. Happy to see you've started this up again, really strong work in here!

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