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This is the USBL. The United States Baseball League is comprised of 32 teams. There are 4 divisions, (North, South, East and West) with 8 teams in each division. Team names and designs are inspired by the 1900’s - 1940’s baseball era.


The USBL has a 100 game season. Each division winner makes the playoffs. There are also 4 wild card spots. Each division winner automatically gets a 1, 2, 3 or 4 seed. The teams with the next four best records will get the 5, 6, 7 and 8 seeds.



Chicago Wind Sox

Milwaukee Warriors

Indiana Badgers

Omaha Pioneers

Minnesota Millers

St. Louis Spiders

Cincinnati Scouts

Louisville Sluggers



San Antonio Outlaws

Birmingham Bears

Memphis Crows

Houston Hurricanes

Atlanta Zephyrs

New Orleans Tiger Sharks

Miami Waves

Dallas Independents



New York Scrapers

Detroit Motors

Baltimore Birds

Philadelphia Federals

Boston Maroons

Cleveland Ghosts

Pittsburgh Buccaneers

Washington Senators



Los Angeles Californians

Portland Lumberjacks

San Francisco Seals

Denver Prospects

San Jose Seagulls

Oklahoma City Twisters

Seattle Orcas

Las Vegas Silvers



USBL Logo.png

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12 minutes ago, ImmortalChef said:

First of all, this should be in sports FanFiction. Second of all, you should try Inkscape. MS Paint is not showcasing your design ability

1. Until there's stats or simulation, it's just a concept.

2. Agreed 100% on Inkscape 

3. Leave the moderating to the mods. ;)

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