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NFL helmet logo swap/mash-up

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TENNESSEE TITANS [as the Kansas City Chiefs]
Established: 1960
First season: 1960 (NFL IV), 1970 (AFL)
League championships: 2 (Does not include the AFL or NFL championships won during the same seasons as the AFL–NFL Super Bowl championships before the 1970 AFL–NFL merger)
 NFL Championships: 3 - 1962, 1966, 1969
 AFL-NFL Super Bowl championships: 1 - 1969 (IV)
When I adapted the Chiefs logo, I decided to substitute a spear head for the arrowhead. Initially, I was going to use "TT" in place of "KC", but I decided that "TN" made more sense.



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WASHINGTON REDSKINS [as the New Orleans Saints]
Established: 1966
First season: 1967 (AFL)
League championships: 1
Super Bowl championships: 1 - 2009 (XLIV)


In my opinion, this is almost too late of a date for DC to get a team, but it was where I could fit the Redskins. As Washington consistently uses feathers with their logos, I thought it would make a good substitute for the fleur-de-lis.



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1 hour ago, Digital Justice said:

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS [as the Miami Dolphins]
Established: 1965
First season: 1966 (AFL)
League championships: 2
 Super Bowl championships: 2 - 1972 (VII), 1973 (VIII)
For the Seahawks, I tried to mimic the mammal and sun with a bird and sun. For the sun, I took inspiration from the Native designs of the Pacific Northwest. The birds are adapted from various both Seahawks and Eagles logos. Not sure, if the colors work.




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