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University of Texas Longhorns Logo Concept


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I'm guessing I'll catch some flack for this but, I'm tweaking the "un-tweak...able." I'm a fan of the Texas's current look, however a few things have bothered me. It looks a bit flat and the shape of the horns looks off (especially compared to Bevo). So I went in and fleshed out the animal.In doing this I added a color... cream to the look.


I feel like I've always associated cream color with UT but I can't place it... Anyway, I did a flat version too for all those fans that would have to breathe into a paper bag if they dropped that all together:




Here are some reference images:



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18 minutes ago, panthers_2012 said:

The only think I don't like is the T in the animal logo. To me, it looks weird and misplaced. I like both logos but I would like to see the animal one with no T on it. 


14 minutes ago, ItDoesntMatter said:

I would agree that the T seems too obvious and overstated. Maybe if you made it a little smaller, thinner, etc. it would work better. Otherwise, this looks really good. I think the cream works well for Texas.

Should it be blank?


Or would a star be too cliche?


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I think you could make the T work if it was more of a shape and less of a block letter, if that makes sense. Kinda like that patch of white on Bevo's forehead. I don't like the star at all, but I do think it looks good blank and it might sit better with people if it was simpler and didn't have as much going on.

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I feel the "shadow" is a better look. 


As far as the more realistic looks go, the one with no T/Star is the best. The T/Star aren't hidden, they're just reaching out and smacking me in the face, and I think they take away from what is a really good logo.

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I entered this thread expecting to have to explain that Texas' mark does not need messing with and works well as is. While I still believe that statement, I think your work shows that you know that as well, but have done a wonderful job in creating a mark that is a very elegant modernization of a classic logo. Job well done.

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