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Don't make me have to hurt you, STL Fanatic.

Dear god, man, what crack were you on when you decided that putting that awful, awful, awful "BLUES" back on the front of the jersey would be a good idea?

That makes the baby jesus cry.

What next, a big spalsh of red?  Oh, wait...

[Note: most of the comments were made in sarcastic jest.  True, I don't like the designs at all, but as a Blues fan, hyperbole was necessary here.]

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I went with the dark blue on the logo because it is what they use on their yellow practice jersey. The people who wanted to see a yellow jersey, wanted to see it because they liked the practice jersey.

I made the numbers dark because it matched the logo. However, that wasn't the only reason. I compared them for a few minutes and decided navy might be a little better. However, those colors are a tossup, and I'm not gonna extend the list to 16 or even 20 with number color, lol.

Another note on the yellows. I didn't use the lettering on those, because i thought there was no way that would look right on a bright yellow jersey.

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