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Probably my two favorite plays I've ever seen my favorite teams make. 


Curry's near buzzer beater from DEEP to sink OKC last season was damn near PERFECT. The Warriors were absolutely dismantling the league, Curry was at the height of his manbeastness, and it was just a crush to a team that could hang with them. I still laugh every time I see it because it just felt so unreal what he was doing. 



Gregor Blanco's catch to save Matt Cain's perfect game (The one and only perfect game in Giants history). I watched the entire game and about an inning prior I realized, holy :censored:, he has a perfect game going! And that catch. Just... Wow. And Gregor freakin Blanco, of all guys! 



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God I love loud dunks. The fury of a big dunk to me is the best play in sports. Dunking at all is basically a super power, as so many people can't do it, even if they worked really hard to try. So when someone takes flight it's just another echelon of humanity basically.



On 3/14/2017 at 5:34 PM, CS85 said:

Something about Canadian crowds.




Can't disagree, here's my favorite non-Cavs sequence of the 2016 playoffs.



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Thanks to the horrible rule that is the DH, piece of human garbage Roger Clemens, with the help of Joe "Clemens was a headhunter when he was in Toronto but now that he's on my team he's not" Torre, was able to put off having to hit against Mets pitchers after drilling Mike Piazza in the head and then throwing a broken bat at him a couple of months later in the World Series. When he finally had to bat, Shawn Estes threw at him...but missed because the 2002 Mets couldn't do anything right. But then this happened.


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