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Best mlb uniforms


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No mention of Cardinals jerseys yet, before Cubs ones?  I'd take the Birds on the Bat any day over most, if not all, Cubs-themed uniforms, or anything Cardinals-related, most likely.  Although I will admit they sure took it to us earlier, last year, when they stole our division and our league away from us.  But we'll be back soon enough, I'm sure.  Turtle Pilgrim out.


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The best uniforms in baseball, and I don't think I'm being a complete homer when saying that.



The cleanest, crispest uniforms in baseball.. and THOSE SOCKS!





(Specifically with the blue undershirts and striped socks)



Love the cream, love the way the orange and black play off one another, and the striped socks should be worn by every last player on that team.




I've always loved the Phillies' fauxbacks (much more than their actual home unis):



Though given their historical relevance, I also wouldn't mind the Phils wearing these as their primaries:



The second-best pinstripes in baseball (behind their crosstown rivals):


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Ryne probably wouldn't be in the Hall, or at least not as likely, I think, had he not homered off Sutter twice in the same game, the game now commonly referred to as the Sandberg Game.  Granted, he was a good player, but I still suspect he wouldn't have been in had that not happened like it did off my favorite all-time player that I've seen and my favorite Cardinal of all.  Turtle Pilgrim out.


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