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Handrawn Soccer League


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Not the best at introductions but I was searching through some old folders and found some old handrawn soccer logos and kits I'd made, would love some feedback!


Introducing the 

Fantasy American Soccer League




This is going to to be a full blown 30 team league now and I may start adding some history behind each team.




EAST Atlantic 
Atlantic City United
New York Empire
New York Raiders 
Boston Shamrocks FC 
Virginia Beach Titans


EAST Central
Pittsburgh FC 
Detroit City
Louisville 47'
Real Orlando 
Twin Cities Athletics 


EAST Southern
South Chicago Hawks
New Orleans FC
Washington Admirals
Miami 305
Philadelphia Stars FC


WEST Rocky Mountains 
Denver Altitude
Portland SC 
Phoenix Firebirds 
San Fransisco FC 
Colorado Springs FC


WEST Central
Music City Sound
Indy FC 
West Texas FC 
Oklahoma SC
Houston Novas


WEST Coastal
Seattle United FC
Los Angeles FC 
Los Angeles United
San Diego FC
San Jose SC


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With New Orleans, I can't really tell what bird that's supposed to be. I think it's a pelican, but I only have that context because of the city. Most of these crests are great, though that pelican needs some work. Use some references, and clean that up. Pretty good work so far.

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I'd feel like Boston's clash kit should be darker than the similar silver here. They have a shade of green which is definitely darker than the Raiders' green. Maybe try a green/white hooped jersey for the Shamrocks home jersey, too?

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