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NHL 90s Series (Atlanta Thrashers added 35/35 COMPLETED)


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Hey guys, this is something I have been just doing for fun but I have really been enjoying it so I decided to make a series out of it. It is a series of concepts that are what could have been if the NHL had went a little wild with more teams in the 90s. They did this with some teams with the third jerseys and for some teams such as the Blues and Islander but I thought, what if they did it with every team. I have done 5 teams already and I hope that you enjoy them.


Boston Bruins



Washington Capitals



Carolina Hurricanes



LA Kings



Edmonton Oilers


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All of these are over the top, but absolutely fantastic!


Someone show the Hurricanes these, they're SO much better than the Canadian National team Dress-Up they play... 

I also never realized how much that Oilers alt. logo looks like the Hamilton Bulldogs logo. Especially on those sweaters. 

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Hurricanes are perfect, something like that would be an amazing 3rd jersey right now. The Caps are outstanding as well. I wonder what the Sharks will be 

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37 minutes ago, Lights Out said:

Forget the '90s, the Oilers could start wearing those uniforms right now and they would be a massive upgrade over their current set. Well done.


You and I obviously disagree greatly about the Oilers' current jerseys.

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I remember when the Oilers were first thinking of changing their jerseys in the 90s the Edmonton Sun had a story with attached concepts. One of them was really crazy. I wish I hung onto that. This one kind of reminds me of that concept.

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Next up is the Pittsburgh Penguins. I went with the robo penguin on this as it is very 90's. This set is based on their third jersey from the mid 90's but with a few personal adjustments. The chest stripes now appear on the arms and the triangular yoke is back but is ow plain black. There is also half and half pants and two different socks. I think that this would have looked pretty cool and been very unique.



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Hey guys I am back from my spring break trip and ready for some more 90s concepts! Next is the Ottawa Senators. I went with the laurel leaf pattern in a different way than I usually see it done. I went with a curved design that follows the logo better and I think that this could have been a realistic look for the Sens if they cam into the league a couple of years later.



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