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Vetting a New Logo Design


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I need help...

This is not my design.  A high school is wanting to use this and I was asked to vet it for authenticity not design.  

Question is, does this look too much like any other logos out there.  I cannot say that it does but I want to be sure. 

The high school had students submit designs and this one was voted on to be the winner.  Not the best way to do this in my opinion but...



Final Panther logo 1 blue P (claws).jpg

Final Panther logo 1 white P (claws).jpg

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It has a little bit of an Orlando predators vibe to it... but it's not at all similar enough to be worry about.     There's a slew of 3/4 view open mouth panthers logo out there if you do a google search, but i think there's just only so many ways to draw one (if thats what its supposed to be).  So unless i'm missing one i think its fine.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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