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Rebranding of NBA on ESPN scorebug.


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It's an alright start. For killing boredom, it's actually pretty nice.


The layout seems a bit too big or high for my liking. The font for the could be a bit more bold, and I'm not really a fan of how the silver gradient on GS seems to bleed into the golden color. There's a lot of space used for the actual score...


The entire right side of the scoreboard could have been spaced out, thought out better. The game clock, shot clock and foul count look so compressed under the ESPN logo. I actually don't understand the metallic golden color for the presentation, neither. It's either for a regular season game or a Western Conference playoff game, I feel an NBA Finals scoreboard deserves that golden touch, as cliche as it sounds.


Have you tried placing the scorebug on different places of a wide picture, to imagine what it would look like on an actual televised NBA game? Give that a shot.

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I'd agree - way too compressed, and far too high. The first thing I'd suggest is to lay it out on a TV screen, and see how it looks there. Then, modify as necessary, so that the scorebug is as small height-wise as it can be, while maintaining good legibility and clarity. A ribbon scorebug generally should take up almost all of the SDTV 4:3 screen, length-wise.


I'd move the timeouts beneath the teams' names, as people are more prone to look for them there (and they'd fill up currently unused space). Likewise, I'd expand out the logos a little bit.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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