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The fictional country of Coosland - 3(Now 4) years in the making


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Disclaimer: Yes i know, many of you may think that Minecraft is a "game for kids" or whatever, but for people like me who were involved in beta stage testing, it is a great program to use if you just want to build cities and towns, not go blow up creepers or anything silly like that. 




I have spent the last 3.5 years making these fictional cities across my minecraft world. I have included everything that any normal city would have: Banks, Suburbs, Skyscrapers, and most importantly: Sports teams. Over the next few days (maybe weeks depending how i feel :) ) i will give you an in depth look at the cities, their baseball teams, and their logos and uniforms from across the decades.




The Republic of Coosland is a country located in the South Pacific approximately 700 KM W of Hawaii, covering a vast area of the Alugain Continent. It was discovered in 1735 by British explorer Sir. Lee Ocon. Coosland's name comes from the indigenous Cooslandic word "Coos", which means "Peaceful River". The 1800's proved to be a boom to Coosland's economy as many foreigners seeked a new life in Coosland. In 1876 Coosland entered a civil war, where the east side of Coosland wanted to become it's own independent nation, due to the harsh enforcement of the prohibition that the west brought upon them. The Civil war ended in 1889 with the West on the winning side. This proved to be a very important moment in Cooslandic history, as it showed that the west must appreciate and respect the east's requests and needs. In 1931 the Cooslandic stock market crashed which unfortunately led to a famine like condition for some due to the high expense of importing certain foods. When WW2 came around Coosland maintained Neutrality. The 1980's brought Coosland back into the worlds spotlight as they had a minor conflict with the United States over who owned certain islands, but fortunately the conflict was resolved fairly quickly. Today Coosland is known as a Friendly, Powerfull, First World country, that maintains neutrality, and has very nice year round weather. Many cities in Coosland have strong resemblances to US cities,  due to the amount of Americans in Coosland historically. 




Motto: "God give Coosland Mercy"

Anthem: "From Coast to Coast" 

Continent: Alugia (Fictional)

Capital: Aequalis, FR

Largest City: Ocon City, LE (Currently)

Languages: English(Official), Cooslandic (Official), Chinese

Ethnic Groups; White 60%, Native Cooslandic 20%, Chinese 10%, Korean 5%, Others 5% 

Religion: Non Religious 55%, 35% Catholic, 5% Protestant, 5% others

Demonym: Cooslander

Government Type: Republic

Current Leader (2017): John F. Simpson

Independence from Britain: August 19th 1847

Area: 2,857,742 sq mi 

Population: 89,435,000

HDI: 0.845

Currency: Cooslandic Dollar

Time Zones: UTC +11 UTC +10 

Drives on the: Right

Internet Code: .csl

National Sport(s): Baseball, Cooslandic Handball


Coosland (Updated March 26th 2018)



Alugian Continent: (Coosland, Lawington, U.T.A)




Note: I still plan on expanding Coosland hence the "Unexplored territory"

(Updated March 26th 2018): I finished Coosland.


The Alugian Continent:


So basically, This is a collaboration project between me and my friends. My Nation is Coosland, Buddy 1 has Lawington, and Buddy 2 has the United Territories of Alugia (U.T.A or Alugia for short). Most of the cities and teams are in my country (Coosland), however there also some in my Buddy(s) world so i'll share those accordingly. 



Alugian Baseball League (ABL):


The ABL Was founded in 1957 by owners of baseball clubs all across the Alugian Continent (Coos, Lawington, U.T.A; ill get into it later :) ) because they wanted a united baseball league. Therefore the ABL was formed! First starting out with 8 clubs into two leagues, it was tremendously popular among the fans, and quickly expanded among multiple cities across the continent (get into it later). The league colours were designated to be Green (for Coosland), Blue (for Lawington and Aluga), and Silver.


So yea thats kinda how im gonna start this thing. C&C/comments/concerns/questions always accepted.



Next up (March 25th): 1957 season, and tour of the Tosaga Metropolitan Area!





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        City:  624,341

        Metro: 1,362, 926

Climate: Desert

Time Zone: UTC +10

Major Sports Teams: 2

Area Code: +739, +485


Wikipedia Page: (EDIT: My bad some mistakes)



Downtown Tosaga from the suburbs (Including Tosaga International Airport on leftj927KNd.jpg


Downtown Tosaga Skyscrapers:



Caesar's Palace Tosaga




Next up: The Tosaga Knights


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Tosaga Knights:

TOSAGA- The Tosaga Knights were established in 1957 as an inaugural member of the ABL. Mr. Alfred J. Davis owner of Knights Castle Hotel & Casino in North Tosaga, paid the required amounts to the league to receive his team. He immediately named the team the "Tosaga Knights", which many believe to be a popularity stunt by Mr. Davis to promote his hotel, despite Davis denying the accusations. The team colors are selected to be Navy and Red, which is very common for teams of this time. The team moved into Tosaga City Stadium, which then had to be switched from an amphitheater to a baseball stadium. An interesting feat about the knights is that they will play all of their games at night, due to the intense high daytime temperatures of the desert.  It will be interesting to 7see how Tosaga's heaving hitting lineup will perform in the 1957 Season. (National Gazette February 18th 1957)  


1957 logos And Unis





Tosaga City Stadium: Downtown Tosaga 





Next Up (March 26th-27th): Ocon City 

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I've gotta say, this all looks fantastic! I love the wikipedia article idea, and the stadiums as well. I've tried to make stadiums as well, and it is not an easy task. This makes me appreciate all of the effort put in to this over that long a time period. Kudos to you. For the Knights' logo and unis (keep in mind I'm not much of an expert) I would make the T straight and put the same blue T on the road. Really excited to see the rest of this series.

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22 hours ago, NoE38 said:

I've gotta say, this all looks fantastic! I love the wikipedia article idea, and the stadiums as well. I've tried to make stadiums as well, and it is not an easy task. This makes me appreciate all of the effort put in to this over that long a time period. Kudos to you. For the Knights' logo and unis (keep in mind I'm not much of an expert) I would make the T straight and put the same blue T on the road. Really excited to see the rest of this series.


Thanks! I have a few surprises down the road, so stay tuned


Tosaga Knights Update:


Primary: (Slight Slant) 



Road Uni's: Added more Navy



Might Post Ocon City overview tonight and logos/unis tomorrow, but i'm fairly busy tonight so we will see....


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Ok March 26th time for Ocon City just as i planned,



Jk lol


Anyways on a more serious note, i took some time to finish over over 20 new cities, and finished all of the teams branding from 1957 to 2017. I also finished simulating all of the seasons on OOTP, so in terms of being prepared i'm good to go. again. anyways please see above for my updated maps and see below for Ocon City. 






        City:  3,945,225

        Metro: 9,574,143

Climate: Tropical Savanah

Time Zone: UTC +10

Major Sports Teams: 7

Area Code: +221, +632 +759 +467



Downtown Ocon City from the South


Iconic Ocon City sign, on the icon Brevard Street.


Downtown from the crime ridden Pringlewood suburb.


Downtown at Night


Next up: The Ocon City Stars

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OCON CITY – Ocon City now has a ball club playing in the newly form ABL thanks to local business man Patrick Ocon. Descendant of the British Explorer Lee Ocon, Patrick is the current C.E.O and owner of Loco Enterprises, and is listed as the 4th most wealthiest man in Coosland. The team name was announced Thursday as the “Ocon City Stars”, not just for Ocon City’s amazing observatories, but also for the large number of celebrities that can be seen in an around the city. “We think this name represents the city as a whole, and we are excited to get this thing started” said Mr. Ocon when asked why he chose the name. He also announced that ground has broken on a new stadium in Downtown Ocon City set to be ready for opening day 1957. Tickets will be available at a later date closer to the beginning of the season. (City Express, January 5th 1956)


Loco Stadium (Cliffgrove & Clements)







Now their logos and uniforms for 1957









Next Up: Aequalis: the Capital


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On to the Capital of Coosland. 





        City:  1,782,254

        Metro: 3,954,845

Climate: Tropical Forest

Time Zone: UTC +10

Major Sports Teams: 3

State: Federal District



Downtown Aequalis


Government Building


Coosland Monument (Similar to Washington DC)



Next Up: Aequalis Senators

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AEQUALIS – The ABL announced its most recent expansion to the Nation’s Capital today in front of over 1000 screaming fans. The Aequalis Senators will start their life in the Great Cooslandic Ballpark located 10 km south of downtown Aequalis. The ownership group mostly consisted of high ranking politicians, but the majority is owned by Mr. Fred Trezka, who is the current C.E.O of Dairy Moon Milk. Mr. Trezka will also overtake the GM role of the team, and the Senators are prepared to face off against familiar foes such as Tosaga and Ocon City starting in April. (The Aequalis Sun, February 20th, 1957)


Great Cooslandic Ball Park:









Here are the senators:

(Note: I know the uniforms are a little boring to start off with, but its 1957 so the design is appropriate for the decade. I promise things will get more interesting)




Next Up: Pharos; The Kings City.


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4 hours ago, Cardsblues02 said:

This has been cool so far. Not a minecraft fan but this is actually fairly interesting. Looking forward to the Pharos.

Thanks so much for the kind words.

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Pharos, Coracao

"The King City rises out of Central Coosland, and is the regions powerhouse in Commerce and Education"



        City:  2,382,254

        Metro: 5,954,845

Climate: Tropical Plains

Time Zone: UTC +9

Major Sports Teams: 4

State: Coracao



Downtown Pharos


Iconic to the city is the Flanders Skyscrapers; Which serves both as a tower and a bridge.


A typical Pharos Suburb


Next Up: The Pharos Kings

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Pharos – Shouts and cheers were heard in the streets in Pharos on Friday as the 4th and final franchise from Coosland admitted into the ABL went to Pharos. Today the team announced its official name and its branding. The “Kings” was the winning entry from a ‘name-the-team’ contest that had over 25,000 entries. “Pharos is nicknamed the King City, so the name ‘Kings’ does not only represent the City of Pharos, but also the people, and the culture as well” Explained Brad Kamaka, president of the Pharos Sports Group. The team also announced its official colours today, selecting black and gold after much thought. “Yes we know that it’s different from traditional baseball colours, but we feel we are setting a new standard for teams across the world” added Kamaka. Pharos will have the longest travel time out of any of the other 3 Cooslandic teams announced, but Mr. Kamaka doesn’t see that as a problem. “We have a nice Airport” he joked with reporters. (Pharos Free Press, February 28th 1957)


Kings Ballpark:









The Logo & Unis




Remember; Designs are simple for now but will get more intricate in the 60s.


Next Up: Carson City and Chrito (Lawington/U.T.A) 

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On 3/25/2018 at 10:50 PM, LA_Angels said:

Downtown from the crime ridden Pringlewood suburb.

Good idea referencing Englewood,  all of these are cool, I like the unis for Pharos. Also Aequalis's stadium is nice, getting real Kauffman Stadium vibes from the scoreboard.

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