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Players on the "RIGHT" Team, but "WRONG" Uniform

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6 hours ago, BrianLion said:


Alright  I'm throwing the flag on including 3rd jerseys or one off throwbacks in this thread.  You'd just get out of hand with those as every player under the sun has worn one at one time or another.


It's much more interesting (and probably the intent of the OP) to post guys wearing a team's regular uniform at that time that isnt the look you associate him with for that team.    

I would agree, but seeing ANY Yankee wearing that in a color photo is jarring enough that I think it works. For non-Yankees, though, yeah, I'd say throw the flag.

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20 hours ago, SFGiants58 said:


Edgar Martinez in the royal/yellow drop shadow set for the Mariners.



Tim Salmon in the 1989-92 Angels' uniforms.

About the first: Edgar Martinez with a moustache looks weird to me no matter what he's wearing.


About the second: A bit off-topic, but I LOVED the design of '93 Donruss. That little thing on the bottom allowed them to use both the team's TWO main colors AND their logo on the front of the card...plus it looked kind of 3-D, almost, so that plus the gloss made it look more high-tech than competitors' cards. Shame that set is worth so little. I remember pretending the logo diamond was a button and pushing it (I've always liked to push buttons, lol).

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2 hours ago, Dalcowboyfan92 said:



I don't associate Joey Bats with the "Graphite Jays" set at all.

I personally associate him with this set... Some of the first games that I went to at Target field always seemed to be against the Black Jays, and Bautista always seemed to have a huge hit that would put the Jays up by enough to put the Twinkies out of the game... :P


But he'll always be remembered for the bat flip...  

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27 minutes ago, johnnysama said:


It may seem weird, but Alex Ovechkin started his career in the bronze/black/blue Caps set. How quickly we forget...


To be honest, this doesn't look that odd to me at all. Both because he wore this when he was the cover athlete of NHL 07 and I personally love this uniform a whole lot more than the current, so I remember him wearing it very well.


That's not to say the current uniform isn't his right one - it absolutely is his right one - just that I don't think the blue/black/bronze looks particularly wrong, either.

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