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Players on the "RIGHT" Team, but "WRONG" Uniform

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Randy Johnson in the yellow and royal blue Mariners jersey:




Johnson pitched for four years in these uniforms and was a mediocre pitcher with around a .500 W-L record.  When the Mariners switched to teal and navy in 1993, had a 19-win season and had then some more amazing years, and really made a name for himself.

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8 hours ago, SCalderwood said:


I would disagree with that.  I think Bautista really made a name for himself in 2010 and 2011.  Those were his best seasons, and not even subjectively, but based on stats.  2010 was without a doubt his breakout year and he followed that up with an even better 2011 (except for HR totals).  His career high in HRs was in 2010 and the only year he batted over 0.300 was in 2011.  So he peaked in 2010 and 2011 and has been declining (relatively speaking) ever since.  And he wore the "Black Jays" look during those two seasons.


I would say if anything for him, it's a tossup as to which is really his right jersey.  In other words, neither of them is really right or wrong, and he probably doesn't belong in this thread.

Which was why I initially had doubts about Bautista.


But Joe carter in the 97 look



And Delgado in the aforementioned black jays identity



Especially since they only wore them for 1 season.

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Doug Gilmour with the Leafs, in the only game he ever played wearing the 2000-2007 "TML" set. After being traded back there from Montreal in 2002-03 he suffered a season (and ultimately career) ending injury in his second shift.

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He lost to the Eagles in the playoffs wearing that set. 


I think atlanta is still the right uniform for him, but since his redemption (as well as a few of his best games) came with the Eagles, could that maybe  be his right one?

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18 hours ago, bwburke94 said:

Sonics KD is probably "wrong team", even though it's the right franchise.


No, it's the right team, just when it was under a different name.  The Thunder and Sonics are the same team.  Before KD moved to GSW, he had only played for one NBA team.

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Eddie Mathews in his last season with the Braves, which also happened to be the Braves' first season in Atlanta. "A" cap, and uniforms sans tomahawk:




And even more jarring yet, here's Mathews during his managerial stint with the Braves in the early 70's, after their complete rebrand:




Keyshawn Johnson in the Jets' old threads. He wore these for his rookie and sophomore seasons in the NFL:




Kevin Dyson as a Tennessee Oiler in 1998, his rookie year. It was the last year before they became the Tennessee Oilers:



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Here's a strange one - Jose Altuve on the Astros in 2012:




Brett Lawrie with the Jays in 2011:




J.D. Drew during his very first month with the Cardinals, as a September call-up in 1998. What's wrong about this uniform? It was the second of the Cardinals' two season experiment without front numbers. The front numbers would return in 1999, when Drew would stick in the majors for most of the season:



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