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Mizzou basketball jersey update/refresh ideas.


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So with a new head ball coach and the recent excitement of landing the #1 recruit in the nation, a lot of media and social outlets have been talking about "bringing the Mizzou brand back to glory" and whatnot.  I think this would be an excellent time to finally look into updating our plain-Jane uniforms a little.  I actually don't mind the simplicity of the current sets.  Personally, I think they would look better if they had some striping down the sides or something additional, but the clean look is not too shabby.  I whipped up this quick mock-up of what I would really like to see.


The biggest addition, of course, is a return to showing the big "M" on the word-mark.  Our best sustained period of success was when the Norm Stewart-led teams of the 70s, 80s and early 90s wore uniforms with this key feature.  I know it wasn't strictly a Missouri design standard (Michigan, of course, wore this similar style during their National Championship year in 1989), but I always attributed this design to Mizzou, even before I lived here and became an alumni and life-long fan.  Keeping the current set and adjusting really just the front of the jerseys is a pretty simple change that would tip the hat towards our history a bit and still show in a fresh and unique design for today.


Now, I'm not the greatest in Photoshop and these are just quick mock-ups a devised to convey this idea.  So no need to rip me apart as I know they are a little rough and not the best artistically.  I just wonder if there are any thoughts from fellow fans about what you'd like to see with updates for the uniform sets moving forward.   M.I.Z.....



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