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The MLB According to FinsUp: At-Bat - San Diego


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As mentioned in my previous Texas Rangers concept, I've been wanting to take on designing the MLB for a while. I finally have some work to show for that and, though I only have a few teams started, wanted to start putting some stuff out there and get some feedback!


Just a few things first before I begin...




- This is not necessarily a full-scale rebranding series, but rather a series devoted to presenting my "ideal MLB". There may be one, two, or possibly three cases where I blow it all up and start a team over from scratch, as that may be what I feel is the ideal route for said teams. But what you're mostly going to see here is minor to moderate changes which are aimed to take what I believe to be an already good-looking league to an even higher level (because there's still plenty of room for a few teams to improve).


- I've got Finals coming up within the next couple of weeks, so the pace may potentially not be as fast as other series' as there will be days in which I'll have no time for designing. However, even if it's a team a week, I'll post them here and will keep the thread rolling at whatever pace I can until summer (and a whole lot more time) opens up!


- My hope and intention is to tackle each team, so please don't worry about requests; your team will be addressed in their due time! ?


Anywho, let's get started!


Batter up, Minnesota!


I semi-liked their recent changes, even kind of liked their addition of gold (kind of). BUT, I liked the pinstripes and red text/numbers a whole lot better. So we're going back to pretty much that at home. 


To road features the old block script from the late 80's-00's roads, but instead of pinstripes I'm going with a classic panel piping and double piping on the sleeves. I just loved the way it looked and felt it worked well for a classic look. The alternate is a tad more colorful, as the red cap gets paired with a navy jersey and red triple stripes find their way to the socks as a means to balance out the red and navy a bit more. 


The logo is just basically the stripped version of their primary, with roundel, "Minnesota", and "Baseball Club" removed. I've just always felt it was an unneccesary addition and think simple is better here. 








Alright, let 'er rip!




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Great job! I've been looking forward to this series. I really like the red cap paired with the road alt, and the simplified primary logo is an improvement. 


I also love your presentation. Good luck on the rest of the series! Are you going in any particular order?

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I love the presentation. That alone takes this concept up a notch. I've always liked the Minnesota script on the road jersey better than the block font but that's just me. Also, I don't really think the red hat works, not just for the twins but for some reason a red cap with a blue bill has never looked good to me. Great job though, looking forward to the rest of this series

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Thanks for the comments everyone! I appreciate them! I admittedly don't know how to multi quote haha so I'll try to address a few things as best I can here :)


I wont be posting in any particular order, I've done teams just kind of at random according to what ideas I get and when, so there won't be a particular set lineup or anything. I do have Houston totally finished though, so they will be next.


I'm glad to hear the presentation looks great! I've been experimenting with different templates and presentation styles back and forth, and due to this being well received I think I'll keep it! Thanks for the feedback on that! 


What does everyone else think about front numbers for the Twins? I'd like to get some more feedback on that if possible before I do any updates, I personally prefer it without them but would love to hear more about how you guys feel about them!


I intend the blue alt to be road only, but the top and cap could feasibly be worn at home too if the team chose. It may clash a bit with the pinstripe pants, but could work!


And I think I'll be keeping the red cap for the alts, because I wanted to give the Twins something to differentiate from a couple of other RWB teams down the road that may have navy alts as well.


Thanks everyone, and keep it coming! Houston is next!





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Houston Astros


This one is admittedly a bit of a shot in the dark and a slight experiment, so I'm eager to hear what y'all think!


You can probably look at this and come to your own conclusions as to the inspirations here haha, but just as you've probably deducted, it's basically a combination of the Bagwell/Biggio and current eras. Now don't get me wrong, I do really like what they have going now a lot (except for trying to shoehorn the rainbow guts into a pretty bad alternate), and I also love the 60's Morgan-era shooting star look. But if you ask me what my ideal Astros look is, being a 90's kid with some Houstonian family that loved Bagwell and Biggio, it's the navy and gold shooting star. 


I decided to combine eras because I wanted something that could look a little more timeless than the 90's-ish star and script, and felt the current block scripts with a touch of shooting star (placed in a similar spot to the 90's script) could offer that. I modified the 00's shooting star with sharper tails to match the look of the 90's star as well. 


Here goes!











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1 hour ago, coco1997 said:

Interesting combination of eras. Not really what I expected, but it's honestly not a bad look at all. I just hope when you get to the Brewers you use a color scheme different from their current set.


Thank you! And yes, the Brewers will have a different color scheme! Not super drastic, but different enough (and certainly different enough from this Houston one).

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Twins: I like the idea of dumping the front numbers (it doesn't really work with their wordmarks) and the use of the block script on the road uniform and road alternate, as I dislike attempts to make a "Minnesota" wordmark that matches the updated "Twins" script. My only criticism would be that the striped socks should probably be worn with the road uniform, and that the striping pattern have some white in it (to tie in with the "TC" cap logo).


Astros: I've never been one for navy/gold, but you've managed to make it look good for the team! I really like the new scripts and the new "shooting star" logo, as they give a sense of "motion" back into their set. While I too like your use of navy/gold, I am curious to see how this set would look in navy/orange. Good work.

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Twinkies- Simple set that removes the clutter & shows how good the Twins could've looked if they wanted to. But nope, they had to add gold & :censored: it up. 


Astros- I love the combo of eras, love the Navy/Gold & love the new wordmarks. It's such a simple look and it works. I do want to see it in Navy/Orange as well, but I'm not sure if it'll look as good. 


Can't wait to see whose next & will be following this thread. 

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Thanks everyone! I wasn't sure how Houston would be received, I'm glad that the navy and gold seems to work! Any other comments?


The next one may possibly be out tonight but may more likely be a couple of days due to a busy weekend ahead. I started a few teams simultaneously and am closest to finishing Arizona, so they'll likely be next, but I'm going out on a limb with them on something and it'll probably depend on whether or not I like how it looks after I put it together ;) 

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