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NFL Conceptual Uniforms


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Dallas Cowboys: I would of made the road uniforms (navy blue) have white pants with the striping being navy blue, silver, and navy blue to match the helmet. That is what I would of did. Maybe give them a silver facemask to bring the colors out more. It would look great doing so. I like it so far. Just minor tweaks with it will do.

New York Giants: Lovely. Just try to incorporate red with that stripes on the home jerseys. Give more blue on both home and road pants and socks. Keep the rest the same.


Chicago Bears. Too many white helmets. Keep it navy blue, but the bear logo looks better than the plain C. I like it. Just a few tweaks too.

You know what, I change my mind about the Atlanta Falcons uniforms. Good job with the Falcons. No rework needed.


San Francisco 49ers: I would of kept their road pants gold. The gold numbers makes the home jerseys pop more. Same with the road and alt. I would of make an all red look for alt if you wanted to use red pants. It would look good even and all white look for the second alt uniforms too. Pick axes? Hehe, ok now. ^_^

Minor tweak on the Arizona Cardinals is to add some stripes to the pants. Get rid of the Arizona above the home, road, and alt jerseys. PLEASE KEEP THE CARDINAL COLOR FACEMASK! I get annoyed of their grey facemask!


Other than that I love the rest of them. Especially the Rams. The University of Michigan color type for the Rams looks so beautiful. Blue and yellow will always be my favorite color combination next to navy blue and silver-green, orange and brown, wine/burgundy and yellow, dark crimson and white, black and yellow, and green and white.

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1 hour ago, Becca024 said:

Another comment I received was the white bears helmet and different logo. So I went back to a midnight blue helmet and an orange facemask with traditional logo. Also, since Alshon Jeffery no longer plays for them I changed the name to the current 17. Which is a kicker... LOL.

Bears - 2017.jpg


Nevermind, you changed it!

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2 hours ago, Becca024 said:

Thank you all for taking so much time to write your comments. I'm not sure when I'll get enough time to have a 3rd round of changes, but you input is so helpful!


You welcome. On the Cardinals, I would use the flag of Arizona on the side like how Pittsburgh uses their logo. However, keep the shoulder stripes on the Steelers though. They look good with it.

I forgot to mention @Becca024 to slightly widen and push the stripes away on the Buffalo Bills helmets or widen the back of the helmet where the stripe is to match the speed mark from the charging bison logo. Because it would look great to match the speed mark used on the charging bison logo since you used it on the jerseys and pants. Make the white trim of the blue stripes slightly widen as well so it would make the red background stand out with the white/royal blue/white stripes on the red helmet. Just widen the whole thing at the end back of the helmet as well to match.

Also with the Patriots, I would add some blue to stripes on the helmet and the pants. Maybe give a white background for the Flying Elvis too.

Just a bit of tweaks on those two, but I love Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, and Los Angeles Rams.

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On 3/30/2017 at 10:27 AM, Becca024 said:

Here are my concept NFL uniforms. I'd love to hear feedback. I'm admittedly new to this kind of stuff and also new to the site, so go easy on me lol. I work for and engineering firm and did these with AutoCAD 2016 during slow period between projects. Some of these stay pretty close to the current uniforms, but other represent quite a departure. I'm also a fan of sort of a retro futuristic look, I hope you like!  -Becca

Broncos - 2017.jpg

Chargers - 2017.jpg

Chiefs - 2017.jpg

Raiders - 2017.jpg

Colts - 2017.jpg

Jaguars - 2017.jpg

Texans - 2017.jpg

Titans - 2017.jpg

Bills - 2017.jpg

Dolphins - 2017.jpg

Jets - 2017.jpg

Patriots - 2017.jpg

Bengals - 2017.jpg

Browns - 2017.jpg

Ravens - 2017.jpg

Steelers - 2017.jpg

Cowboys - 2017.jpg

Eagles - 2017.jpg

Giants - 2017.jpg

Redskins - 2017.jpg

Bears - 2017.jpg

Lions - 2017.jpg

Packers - 2017.jpg

Vikings - 2017.jpg

Buccaneers - 2017.jpg

Falcons - 2017.jpg

Panthers - 2017.jpg

Saints - 2017.jpg

49ers - 2017.jpg

Cardinals - 2017.jpg

Rams - 2017.jpg

Seahawks - 2017.jpg

Excellent job, these are amazing. Period.

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I just attempted my first concept over the weekend and had a pretty hard time with it.  What systems are the best for doing this sort of thing? I tried GIMP and The free version of Photoshop but I have much to learn lol. I would love to get into this sort of stuff as it has always intrigued me. But have no idea how you all get it to look so great.  

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First things first... GO IRISH!

Congrats on attempting your first creation, to quote Obi-Wan Kenobi, "You've just taken your first step into a larger world." :-)

Quotes aside, the program I use is AutoCAD. But I work in the engineering field, so that's what's available to me. It is quite expensive to buy outright, but you can get an AutoCAD LT subscription that is pretty affordable if you want to go that route, and you'll also need a pretty powerful PC. That's really all I can offer as to what programs to use, and please know engineering software isn't optimal for this stuff either, I just kind of make it work. Sorry I can't be of more help, but whatever you do, keep at it! It's really fun and you get to be the boss!

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