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Jesse Alkire's Colorado Rockies Recharge Concept


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Let me start by making something clear: This is NOT my concept and I claim no credit for it. I tried to find a thread with this via search and could not.


Now that that is out of the way,

This is a concept by Jesse Alkire that I found via Dribbble. I thought that everyone here would really appreciate it. There are some aspects of the concept that on paper would seem hokie or minor league like (topographic elevation lines as pinstripes)... but they REALLY work well and I could imagine seeing them on the field. Here is the link to his page and some images from the concept.


***Well just figured out that Jesse IS a member here... sorry for posting your work. This can be taken down if need be.***



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Rockies need to pull the trigger on this.. Im hesitant on the topographic piping (spelling?) but i can get behind it considering the diamondbacks new uniforms.  Honestly though if the Rockies made these changes id probably buy a jersey, and im not even a rockies fan.. FANTASTIC concept Jesse!

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I pointed this out on an earlier thread, but my mind hasn't wavered.


Those Rockies concepts are a mixed bag. While I kind of like the scripts (doing something cool/innovative with the traditional baseball cursive script form), the rest of the uniform really falls flat. The team should try to be more colorful, not less (with muddy, barely-contrasting shades). The wavy pinstripes, Taco Bell caps, and dark green pants are all big marks against the set. I'd also like to point out that the scripts look way too much like the NBA Christmas Day uniforms for comfort.


Unless something better came along, I'd be cool with the Rockies either staying put or swapping purple and black's places in the color hierarchy.


Also, I'm pretty sure Jesse Alkire is on this site as @thespungo.

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