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NECA | New England Collegiate Association (URI Rebrand)


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Welcome to the NECA, an elite conference of universities throughout New England which strides to create a top enviorment for collegiate athletes and help them succeed academically as well as in sports. The conference contains 16 top schools from Maine to Connecticut.



Over the course of this series I will be rebranding school logos that I feel need one, if not then I will create uniform sets for several sports. We'll start off with the University of Maine.


UMaine Black Bears






Rhode Island will be next!


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Not feeling the Maine identity. Not that the current logo is great, but here's what I think needs work:


1. The bear head. Yours has an "angry teddy bear" vibe going on. Adding pupils to the eyes might help. You also added zig-zag shading to the forehead, just like the current one has. Doesn't really work in either case. You also need more consistency with your line weights. And the color...it definitely needs some black or a much darker navy.


2. Wordmark. The word has sharp corners, but all the outlines are rounded. Don't just add default outlines. Adjust the miter, or go to "Offset Path" (assuming you're using Illustrator). The rounded outlines also don't go with the jagged bear head.


3. Combined logo. You pasted the bear head over the wordmark. That's all you did. There's no unity, only layers. And it's exactly what the current Maine logo does, which also looks weak. You need to integrate the two better instead of just layering one on top. It's very obvious since the bear head has a think white outline, but the wordmark has a very thin one.


4. Colors. I actually see two dark shades of blue in the bear head. The jawline is darker than the blue inside the mouth. That's a lack of attention to detail.

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6 hours ago, XenonDesigns said:

Rhode Island Rams



Their "RI" wordmark is pretty much flawless so I found no way of improving it.

It looks like the horn is just floating above the ram's head. 

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