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My New Personal Logo Tweak


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18 hours ago, slapshot said:

Design is more than just typing words in a font you have on your computer. So far, with these concepts I don't see much more than text that's extra squeezed or randomly placed.


You should really take your time and research other logos to really see how characters and type can work together to make shapes and monograms. Look for design blogs. There are plenty out there... read the comments and critique about designs and identities. Check out designs on Instagram, Behance, or even Dribbble (3 b's). You will learn some principles and see why simply using the first font you see on your computer isn't always the best option.


Personally, I'm not a fan of monograms that use every single initial in a company name, but in this case, you may have something...combine your name with design, and you have Isaac Perlich Design (or Designs). I, P, D. You may be onto something with your I/P monogram. What if you combined it with a D, or even a lowercase d? You could have a symmetrical design (which are generally stronger as icons), since the lowercase d and p are identical when rotated. Put a capital I in the middle, like dIP. Maybe expand on that idea. Redraw some shapes to really bring out the symmetry. Strong iconography paired with clean fonts can be the beginning of a very strong identity.



I'm not voting until you show that you've followed slapshot's advice.

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This is infinitely superior to anything you've done before.  I mean, it's just letters transformed to be slanted, sure, but it's a step up from the static, motionless stuff you've attempted earlier.

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That's better than the previous effort that looked like a meat cleaver with a black handle. I'd still simplify even further. The spikes sort of clash to me and create an unintentional H in my eyes. I'd try this:



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OK, just because I said one was better than what you've done before doesn't mean it's like "CUT IT, PRINT IT, PACKAGE IT, WE'RE FINALIZED."


Listen to the advice people are giving you.











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On 4/15/2017 at 6:51 PM, Sec19Row53 said:


So - that's blue italic font, which is supposed to be internet obvious sarcasm.


Yes, I'm busting your chops with this.  But don't post "I have something coming soon!". Just post what you have.


To be fair, I'm not looking forward to it as the best advice (slapshot, CS85) that you've been given in this thread has seemingly been disregarded.

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Design is a problem. It requires solutions. Think of your logo in that way. Step away from your computer. Pick up a notebook. Draw. Draw again. And again.


Think about what you want it to say about you as a designer. Why would someone see any of what you've posted and think, "I've GOT to hire this guy." Is any of it unique, special, witty, outstanding in any way?


Sketch. It makes logos tangible.


Find a logo or two that you really love in the real world. Find out who did them. Look at the process they went through.


Read this article on this very site about Peter Good's process for designing what I consider the greatest logo (not just in sports) ever. The Hartford Whalers.


Google these things:

"Paul Rand" logos

"Saul Bass" logos

"Aaron Draplin" logo design


Think about the problem from various angles - what if they are lowercase letters? Or mixed case? What if it's just a symbol that means nothing but looks cool and clean type that says your name?


NEVER: Stretch fonts vertically or horizontally. Just no. Nope. Never. Ever.

ALWAYS: Iterate. Think you've got it done? Walk away, come back in an hour, a week, whatever, and do it all over again. Did you come up with the same solution?


I think that it's rare for this to ever happen (think it's happened for me two or three times in over two decades in design) but if you think it's a solution, and you look at it, and it just looks like it's something that's existed forever and it just came out of your brain, you've killed it. These are beyond "aha" moments. These are the "HOLY CRAP I HAVE TO DRAW THIS BEFORE I FORGET IT BECAUSE IT'S PERFECT" ideas. The Whalers. The FedEx arrow. The Time Warner eye/ear logo.


These are the solutions that seem obvious once they are done, but the process of getting there is NEVER obvious.




Other thoughts. I know your initials are "IP" but do you really want your firm to be named that? I pee? And have you ever done a google search for IP? Intellectual Property. Internet Protocol. Etc. Etc.


Your name itself is interesting. You could do something cool with the double A in Isaac. Think Exxon and it's double X. Perlich is WAY more unique. Always consider other options.


And sketch. More. Lots more. Then go to the computer.

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