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Montreal Expos uniforms, proposed for possible return


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With news of a group of businessmen getting together with hopes of bringing back the Montreal Expos to Major League Baseball, I thought I'd show off some uniform designs I made a while ago in the hopes that they would return.







They do look familiar, but I consider the earlier logo and uniform design to be far better than the ones they adopted to the end.


C&C welcomed.

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As an Expos fan myself, I'm thrilled that the return of baseball to Montreal may finally be getting some traction. Your concept is a nice blend of eras. I don't like it better than the '90s/2000s uniforms (it's hard to beat those beautiful scripts), but I do think it's an improvement on the '60s look and the racing-stripes era.

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Not feeling this for a number of reasons. First off, the MEB monogram logo is classic and strong enough to stand on its own, so it doesn't really need the "expos" wordmark accompanying it in every instance, esp. as the E in the logo is for "Expos." Beyond that, the uniforms look really dated even though they're not what the team wore in their first incarnation. Not feeling that "montréal" on the jerseys at all; that's the most dated thing of all.

I don't want to diss your work entirely. It's clear you're passionate about and have put a lot of care and work into it. I'd just take a step back and think of how to make the uniforms feel fresh and current whilst still retaining the more timeless elements of the Expos identity.

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With all due respect, it doesn't look like you really updated the uniforms much. As @Whittier S mentioned, there's are a lot about the Expos old uniforms that looks dated and probably wouldn't work today. Maybe look to @davidrpaige's Expos concept for some inspiration:


Some ideas:


- Drop the "expos" from under the eMb logo

- An updated number style

- Maybe add placket piping to the home and alt?

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While I agree that the "expos" underneath the EMB logo is a little superfluous, the rest of the uniform looks great. 


The Expos design when they came into being was really forward looking with its clean piping and compact logo. My favorite part is the away jersey. I've never seen that script used for "montreal" let alone vertically arched on a jersey. Double bonus for using all lower-case letters. 

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