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Ireland Baseball


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The World Baseball Classic this year was AMAZING and totally exceeded all expectations I had for it. I was listening to an interview with Dodgers' pitcher Brandon McCarthy, and he brought up the idea of an Ireland team. Obviously, the baseball presence in the country isn't strong, but McCarthy said they could probably put together a solid squad by using American born Irish players. 


This got me thinking about the possibility of Ireland in the WBC. I looked up Ireland baseball and saw that while they do have a team, their logos and uniforms are pretty ugly.


Image result for ireland baseball  Image result for ireland baseball


So I hit the drawing board and whipped up this

Irish away.png

irish logo.png


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Cool. Shout out to you for using gold instead of orange, as using orange believe it or not is a major insult to the Irish. Fun fact i actually had an opportunity to play on a proposed JR National team a few years back, but i had to deny due to other obligations.

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