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Fantasy Sports Logo Project


Ever had a fantasy sports idea that you wanted to bring to life? We received an inquiry from a man named Joseph, who was looking for someone to make this happen. He had an idea for creating a sports brand "Fantasy Warriors", and we figured we'd be the ones who could make it work! The original idea was to create a Berserker Warrior or Viking Character, along with a Bears Pelt. Take those base ideas and create an awesome "Mascot Logo" for his sports brand! Something he could really be proud of and remember with when seen. This was our base idea for the project, and we now present our final concept!









We hope you all enjoy! And as always you can check out the full resolution photos on our site here: Fantasy Warriors Logo Project


For these Apparel Mockup Templates, check out YellowImages
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I don't know how you did it, but the expression on the man's face is just barely unpained enough to make it determination and not... well, some guy getting eaten by a grizzly bear. Pretty unique branding, i like it!

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This popped up in my instagram feed the other week...really fantastic stuff all around. I really dig your use of unique and vibrant colors (and your Kid Cudi illustration).


Also, thanks for the templates link.

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