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Crossover Series - NHL Football


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I've always enjoyed making crossover concepts, they just have a different feel to them.  Finding ways to translate brands and styles across different aesthetics can be challenging but I honestly find it fun!  I've already completed all 30 teams, but I'll be posting them individually so feel free to add feedback.  I'm looking to make these all the best they can be!


For the most part, I tried to keep these teams within modern NFL aesthetics; generally consistent design and without too much being "out there" (no Buccaneers to be found here).


First up: Anaheim Ducks





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Great stuff here. You translated the Ducks hockey elements onto a football jersey very well. First set looks great, and I can't wait to see more! I'll be looking for my Blackhawks! 


Also, great presentation. Amazing work

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I've posted the whole series on my Behance, but I'll still be posting here for feedback!  I'm also going to do them in batches, so I'll start by finishing off the Pacific Division.  There are a lot of alternates as well that didn't make it to the Behance project, but I'll be tossing them up here as a kind of "CCSLC Insiders Bonus".













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These look beautiful. In fact, some of them are too good. I think you're improving the looks more than they probably deserve. The Oilers should be more gaudy, the Flames more cluttered with flag patches. The translation isn't perfect (but maybe you're trying to idealize the looks...that's a style thing), but the execution sure is perfect.


Anaheim and Calgary translate very well to being football jerseys. The Ducks look better there, imo. 


But keep it up, these are excellent. 

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These are some of the best concepts I've seen in a long time on here. The template is awesome. The lines are crisp. It looks very realistic and something that could actually be worn. Overall, just outstanding work.

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For those asking, the mockup template is from yellowimages.com, although I did a lot of modification to add more depth to it.


Here's the first CCSLC exclusive alternate, along with the Central Division!






















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12 hours ago, chcarlson23 said:

I'm a little disappointed by the Wild set... Every other team has a design based off their striping pattern, except Minnesota. It looks super random, and doesn't really reflect the current look... 


What I basically did was take the basic striping pattern from the away/third and turned it into a Northwestern stripe for a little more consistency across the brand.




Since the NFL has (for the most part) a lot of consistency between home and away uniforms, I wanted to keep the amount of teams I did with significant differences between uniforms to a minimum.  That being said, if you have any suggestions on how to make these more "Wild" I'm all for it!

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