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MLB Concepts (MLB Complete, MiLB Chihuahuas 7/30)


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EDIT: I decided to include more teams in this concept, although I won't commit to a specific number of them.  Also, to cut down the amount of scrolling necessary, original concepts will be replaced by edited versions.


Team's completed:


Anaheim Angels

Oakland Athletics

Seattle Mariners

Portland Lumberjacks (Expansion)

Salt Lake Swarm (Expansion)


Detroit Tigers

Indians Cleveland Tribe

Minnesota Twins

Chicago White Sox

Columbus Flight (Expansion)


Houston Astros

Texas Rangers

Tampa Bay Rays

Kansas City Royals

New Orleans Krewe (Expansion)


Toronto Blue Jays

Baltimore Orioles

Boston Red Sox

New York Yankees

New Jersey Trout (Expansion)


Arizona Diamondbacks

Los Angeles Dodgers

San Francisco Giants

San Diego Padres

Colorado Rockies


Milwaukee Brewers

St. Louis Cardinals

Chicago Cubs

Cincinnati Reds

Omaha Steers (Expansion)

Atlanta Braves

Miami Marlins

Kentucky Gallops (Expansion)

San Antonio Hammers (Expansion)

Music City Strings (Expansion)


New York Mets

Washington Nationals

Philadelphia Phillies

Pittsburgh Pirates

Montreal Expos (Expansion)


Teams posted here


Teams posted here


Teams posted here


For my first post, I figured I'd post a concept for my favorite team, the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Already to unpopular opinion-time, I actually like the hyphenated "D-Backs" on the jerseys.  I modified it slightly, however, because if you're going to go with a snake fang of the "K", you'd better go with one off the "B" as well.  Otherwise, you'll end up with some hillbilly snake, which is significantly less intimidating.  I also like the shoulder pattern the team currently employs, but thought it would be better utilized on the end of the sleeves.  I reversed the colors of the A-snake logo and put it on a red cap, which keeps the snake-skin pattern up top.  The road uniform stays mostly the same, but with the shoulder pattern again moved to the sleeves, no front number, and new socks.  The red jersey pairs with the red hat and is the home alternate.  The black jersey no longer has the A-snake and now uses the road script and is the road alternate.  The teal is added to the home and road uniforms, keeping Teal Tuesday going both at home and on the road.  Throwback Thursday hangs around as well, with the only change from the current throwbacks being stripes on the socks now.



Thanks for checking out my first concept, C&C welcome.

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Great job! I like the new sleeve pattern. The only jersey where it's not successful is on the Teal Tuesday road set. I'd also get rid of the diamond pattern on the caps. It just looks a little weird and unnecessary. 

I'd love to see your ideas for other MLB teams. 

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So I removed the pattern from the caps, changed the sleeve pattern on the teal road jersey to black, fixed the black jersey patch, and changed the dot color on the black jersey's wordmark so it didn't blend in.



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Since I'm now making this a collection of concepts, I figured I'd go with the Brewers as my next team up.  With Under Armour taking over in 2020, I figured I might as well add their logo to the assumed position.  I decided to return the team to the old royal blue and yellow, adding in brown because if the Padres don't, I think the Brew Crew can.  The glove logo is returned, this time rendered in yellow and brown on the primary cap.  A new roundel logo is added to the left sleeve, and on the left sleeve (and alternate cap) three stalks of barley come up to add some balance to the sleeves.


Again, C&C welcome, let me know what you think!

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I really like the addition of brown to the Brewers.


What font did you use for the wordmarks? I ask because everything looks kind of squished together. If you can, I would recommend using these old wordmarks. Also, the "Brewers" script on the alt should probably be gold with brown outlines so it pops better against the blue. Alternatively, you could add placket piping and put the ball-in-glove logo on the alt.

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GREAT call on the placket/glove logo, they look MUCH better.

The font I'm using is Mans Greback Painter, and I did squeeze it down a bit to give it a little bit more personality, but I think I did it a bit TOO much.  I'm gonna see what I can do with that, too.

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Up next are the Yankees.  With as timeless of looks as they have on the road and at home, the only change I made was to add the Under Armour logo.  However, I did decide to add alternates.  Added in are the negative version of the home uniform that Marty Appel described in his book that were prototypes back in 1974.  The other alternate uniform is a Negro League throwback to the Black Yankees.



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Love what you've done with the Yankees.


I like your tweaks to the Brewers. As expected, the old school wordmarks look wonderful. I'm indifferent on the front numbers.


One thing that's been bugging me, though--Are my eyes deceiving me, or is the road set the same color as the home whites? Compare the Brewers road concept to the Yankees road set and it's much more obvious the Yankees are gray.

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The designs are all nice for Milwaukee, but I do have an issue with them. When looked at as a whole, the uniform seems very blue-centric, with a blue cap, blue socks, blue undershirt, etc. But when the jersey is seen by itself, it's very brown-centric, with just a bit of blue in the piping. I don't know what I would suggest for how to fix it, but it just looks strange to me to see one element so off from the whole set.

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Very good point with the lack of blue on the uniforms, the plan would be to have blue numbers on the back (I haven't worked out a decent look at the back of the uniform with the striping) but the front would seem very detached from the rest with that being the case, so I changed the numbers on the front to blue with a gold outline.  Thoughts?



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Nice work. I forgot to add that I LOVE how the barley stalks look like they're sprouting up from the edge of the right sleeve. Very cool idea. 


A few tips: I think the UA logo should be a little lower down on the front of the jersey. Also, if you want to get more feedback, think about updating the thread title with each new team you post. 


Looking forward to more!

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Next up are the Cincinnati Reds.  I like the white wishbone on the cap, but on the uniform I think it's awful.  To remedy this, I changed it to red and put the name (in the team's current font) in black.  The home uniform is once again a vest, the drop shadows are all removed, and the sleeves include Mr. Red as a patch.  The cap has a black bill.  The white outline on the wordmark on the road chest has been removed.  For the alternate uniform, a pride uniform seemed appropriate to me, with socks featuring the Cincinnati skyline.



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Nice job on the Reds. I would work on making the trim consistent between the sleeves and collar on the jerseys, though. For instance, the collar trim on the alt should be black-white-black to match the sleeves. 


Just curious, what program are you using to make your concepts? In general everything looks good, but there are areas here and there were the resolution looks off, most noticeably on the alt. 

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