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some football field concepts


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For almost as long as football has existed, there have been many tries at tabletop simulations of the sport.  I'm not talking about Strat-o-Matic, Paydirt and their ilk.  No, what I speak of is having the whole field, and 11 little men butting heads with 11 other men.  The most famous of these attempts is electric football, which seems to be something of a love/hate affair mainly because getting those little men to go where you want them to, as well as passing and kicking, are dark, arcane arts mortals were not meant to know :D ...and then there have been other, more obscure efforts, a number of which basically combined football with chess, though that has its own issues (queen pieces might end up being too powerful to contain, for instance).  What I saw someone at Boardgame Geek do with All-Pro Football, a late 60s effort, inspired me to try my hand at at least preparing to make my own board, and at some point I'll post some of them.

These fields I'm about to show you, I created with a different game, Techno Bowl, in mind.  All I'll say is what I know: I think the idea has finally found its winner, and all it took was inspiration from a certain iconic NES game.  Anyway, I give you a field for Rice...



And in my world, the Noles bring back the white endzones...I was on the fence considering whether to have the feather on the spear or not.



Finally for now, los Jefes...I have some faint memories of Arrowhead's old turf field, and also used the spear stripes from one of my older concepts in the endzones.



I'll note: the original versions of my fields/boards feature grid lines, which I intend to either leave off or severely lighten for the concept versions I'll be posting here.  The All-Pro fields I'll be posting, however, will be in the checkered form I intend to print them in (and I've made CFL and Arena versions as well, which I'll post later).

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A combination of laziness and the paid job conspired to cut into the time I devoted to this...anyway, a couple I've been sitting on for a minute...

49ers...I know the NFL would never approve the cat shooting his guns off nowadays, but I've long thought it was kinda cool.



Cardinals...inspired by their late 98 endzone, with my rendition of the STL-era running redbird making a return


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