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Soccer 2017/18

Berlin Wall

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Just a quick note on the new Premier League numbers; gold printing will no longer be an option starting next season. Here's the five available colors:


Nice job so far in this series, though I'll have to agree that the Real Madrid set could use come tweaking. I'm also not sure about the gradient striping on the Barça home kit as it seems a bit awkward and forced IMO. That Barça away is pretty similar to my recent concept but no complaints here. 

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I really like the Arsenal clash kits, though I think that it'd be a lot better as a third kit.  The Premier League has enough teams that wear red and/or white, so it'd be best if their clash was something that stood out a little more.  Maybe something in yellow or blue?  Those have been used pretty frequently by the team in recent years.  That said, I do love the kit you currently have, the dark red is a very nice touch.  No complaints about Everton either, the patterns you chose were very clean and excellent.  Beyond that, I echo previous sentiments about the Spanish clubs (Barca's home is close but might need to be toned down, Madrid's clash needs something different - maybe swap the white for gold and give it a regal theme centered around the crown?).  Good work so far, though!  Can't wait to see what else you've got up your sleeve.

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On 20/04/2017 at 2:36 PM, Berlin Wall said:

OK, thanks. Next two are Arsenal and Everton.




No white kit for Arsenal, just don't do that.

The home kit does look like a puma kit, but I would like to see the whole sleeves beeing white like they should.

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