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I'm back with another quick concept! This time I took a Civil War Colonel and created a logo out of him. I had some struggles with the eyes, especially his left eye which is hidden by the nose. I originally thought that the hat would cause me some trouble but I think It came out okay. Something I'm not completely sold on is the shading and how it doesn't really look like shading for a logo, if you will. C&C is appreciated.



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I can see what you mean about the hidden left eye. I think you have a solid jump here, just gotta adjust a few things. (Take these with a grain of salt)


The eyes make him look kinda Chinese. I think that if the eye that is more visible wasn't so much of a squint but was more open then that would be a lot better. It's hard to keep him from squinting while keeping him fierce. 


As for the shading, I think it's all good except for his left shoulder. The yellow patch things have shadows going the same ways, both towards the inside of the logo. If the sun was above him like the other shading indicates, the left shoulder would have a different direction of shading.


Like I said, take these with a grain of salt, because my opinion is far from professional. I think this logo looks great, but it would get to a whole other level with a few minor changes. 

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