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Oregon State new institutional logo


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From Oregon State's official site:



Inspired by the state flag, Oregon State University’s new institutional logo pays homage to the university’s nearly 150 years of service as the state’s land grant institution.


The new logo, which will appear on all new OSU marketing and communications materials, is designed to clearly identify Oregon State in all media platforms, including digital and mobile applications.


Also from Oregon State's official site, a video and graphic explaining the logo:




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38 minutes ago, Jake Manternach Creative said:

I love this logo. Simple, sleek, elegant. My only minor nit-pick is the rounded bump by the beaver's head. I don't see why it couldn't just be straightened out there.


I'm not sure if it's simple (there's asymmetry, balance issues, and a lot of elements thrown in), but it is sleek and elegant, and well done.

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