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Heat - I'm all in favor of Miami updating its color palette -- while their uniforms have withstood the test of time rather impressively since the early 2000s, I think it's finally time to mix things up. This is a good start, but like @sayahh noted, it might need some white for the sake of contrast....right now, it looks as though the three colors are competing with one another. The wordmark/numbering treatment and shoulder/upper back striping are nice touches, though the side striping on the shorts feels uninspired. Also, the number font looks disproportionately elongated. With a little bit of work I think I would love this uniform and a complete home/away/alternate set!


Timberwolves - I don't mind this color palette for the Timberwolves one bit, but for some reason this is pretty much what I would ideally like to see the Dallas Mavericks revert back to. Anyways, the collar and armhole trim works well, and the wordmark looks fantastic....I know quite a few people feel as though that wordmark is outdated, but I think it works very well for a team called the Minnesota Timberwolves and have no problem with it. The all-white numbering feels a bit awkward in contrast to the wordmark, as does the straight side panel striping with the semi-detailed tree graphics on the shorts. I think the key to the Timberwolves' current rebranding effort is how they incorporate the tree pattern into the uniforms, so that may be an alternative avenue to explore here.


Rockets - The jerseys look great by themselves, and the shorts are a red waistband away from looking great by themselves....but like @sayahh, I'm skeptical as to how they work together. I'm also adamantly opposed to a return to the McDonald's color palette for the Rockets as well as the Hawks - possibly my only aversion to anything '90s NBA - but that aside I think you did a very good job of balancing two tricky colors that can oftentimes compete with one another.


Another fun round of work! Really enjoying this series so far -- thanks for sharing it!

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2 hours ago, KRZYBDGRZ said:

I love that bucks jersey but is it just me or does the blue underline on the back make it look like you spelled the name and number wrong 





Also also I love that Pelicans jersey would buy in a heartbeat

No; it means that you can click on it and it'll take you to a website ;-)



I didn't realize that element was even there until you blew up the picture!

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Ok well for the next 3 concepts, here we go


Up first are the Pacers! Went with the brighter colorway with the retro look as well. 




Next we have the Bulls! Went with the script that they wore during Jordan's rookie year just because I've always loved it. Modernized the shorts design and added the 4 stars seen on the Chicago city flag. 




And lastly, we have the Thunder! This is a concept that I know will be unpopular, but I really don't mind. Currently I hate the Thunder's uniforms, they are so boring and don't utilize their great color scheme at all. I took the palette from their OKC logo and used those awesome colors and tried my best to make a unique and indistinguishable uniform set that the Thunder could finally call their own. Also because I know they will be unpopular and questioned, I made a mockup of Westbrook wearing them in a real game situation to hopefully turn around some opinions. 


1a. 591b6c72c7e15_thunder1.thumb.png.2e9a86317041a4520efc9cc1b0d97add.png





2a. 591b6c7c3fbdd_thunder2.thumb.png.fe605711973d941587763b449b146103.png


2b. 591b6c8911473_thunderreal1.thumb.png.8bdb86fdfb51534a2b67915b75876d28.png 

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Overall, very very great work! While I tend to like more traditional, simple jerseys; I am a big fan of all the asymmetrical designs you created.


76ers: Not bad! I like the word mark on the front; however, it may be a tad too big. I also wonder what it would look like if the stripes on the shorts would continue on the jersey up to the pit and nix the striping along the collar and sleeve.

Warriors: I'm not feeling this one too much. The number font is a little clunky with the points. I am not a fan of the "Washington Redskins-esque" arrows on the shorts. Nice start though!

Nets: I like this a lot! The script is very nice; however, I think the "N" should be capitalized. The asymmetry is great! If the designs on the left had a little less width to them, the rest wouldn't feel as if it was getting pushed aside. Regardless, I still like this a lot!

Knicks: BEAUTIFUL! I love these! Could white be added in some spots like the numbers or the NOB? Sure, but I think you still have an incredibly strong concept.

Bucks: Also very nice! The only things I would change would be ditching the blue all together and not having "BUCKS" diagonal. 

Pelicans: Looks good to me!

Miami: Great! I'm surprised how well these look without any black, mostly because of how prevalent the color is with their actual set.

Timberwolves: I think these would work well. Don't know how I feel about the trees on the jersey as well as shorts because it would look like two trees set atop of one another.

Houston: Love the rocket!

Pacers: Some might say it's too simple or bland, but I like this design quite a bit.

Chicago: I am all for the script font! I like the look a lot. I am not crazy on the side diamonds or the weight change with the shorts diamond.

Thunder: Surprisingly, I like these. The asymmetry works well and I think it'd be neat to see the shorts and jersey together in a mock up. The wordmark for "Thunder" looks great. I would change the font for the NOB though because it gets a little tough to read. I like the addition of white in certain areas. Around the side stripes looks fantastic. I also like it around "Thunder." I would maybe drop the white around the numbers and the stripe around the collar and sleeves.


Again, these are great concepts! Above are just personal opinions from someone who doesn't watch a ton of basketball. (I follow the NFL much more closely. Go Rams BTW) Hope this feedback helps and I can't wait to see more.

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The Thunder definitely has potential, but what about either


A. Keeping the yellow stripe and making both sides of that stripe the same color (my preference is the red-orange) with the other color, or

B. Making both sides of the stripe one color, making the yellow stripe the other color, and outlining that stripe with yellow? (This could also open up the door to coloring the "OKC" on the pants, say, light blue on the red-orange field, outlined in white.)

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Thank you all for your concepts and criticisms once again, I know I haven't changed much but once all 30 teams are posted I am going to go through and update each one until I feel it is much improved over the first. I also may dive into starting a small expansion project with cities like Seattle, St. Louis, KC, etc. but we'll see about that later on.


For now, here are the Clippers! This is personally my favorite concept of the series so far. It is basically just a re-rendering of my full Clippers rebrand I posted on the boards a year or two ago. I absolutely hate the Clippers new identity, and did my best to completely erase it from memory. I tried to give the team and fans a new Identity that they could be 100% happy with, while keeping it completely unique and out of the box as well. I went heavy on the Nautical theme, given the teams colors and name, I embedded nautical stripes on the side while using a new secondary logo that I made and implemented that onto the shorts design. Also the blue stripe features a subtle rope pattern to really tie it all together. Lastly, the three flags on the shorts spell "LAC" in the nautical alphabet. 



and here is the secondary logo I made, featured on the shorts in blue obviously but...





Up next is the reigning world champs, the Cavs! I personally like their current look, so didn't do anything to the top of the jerseys, just changed the shorts to give them a more modern look. Personally I feel that when Nike takes over the NBA they will do something really cool with the Cavs considering the whole Lebron/Nike deal their, but for now I kept it simple. 






And lastly, I know I promised the Jazz but I don't like the way they are looking right now so I am going ahead with the Spurs! Decided to completely scrap their current, extremely boring look and give them something fresh. While using a new font for the wordmark and numbers, I scrapped the grey because I felt like it muddied the uniforms and decided to only use a much more contrasting black and white. Once again I know people may not be fans of this font, but I feel like it really suites the Spurs well, although it may be something that I come back and change in the end. Lastly I decided to give them an asymmetric shorts design, with the state of Texas on the shorts because I felt like it gave them a very vintage look to go with the more modern top. 



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Love all three of these. The Clippers script on the jerseys along with that new secondary looks great. I like that you kept the current Cavs look but added the sword on the shorts to change it up a little bit. The Spurs unis are way better than what they currently wear and is very sleek looking.

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Love the clippers how you implemented the nautical theme while not going over the top and keeping it simple and balanced. For the Cavs i feel if the sword logo was vertical (like how there court logo almost was)  it'd be more clean. otherwise great work

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The presentation and execution of these is flawless. I think my favorite of these is the Spurs uniform. It's definitely more unique than most of the Spur concepts.

I agree with BigBryArab about the Cavs sword, but no complaints other than that. Keep up the good work!

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I don't the Spurs don't at all. I actually like it a lot. The uniform is missing the distinctive silver/grey elements though. Maybe a double black/silver outline like the current unis? Maybe even just silver-chrome the wordmark, numbers, and Texas logo instead? 

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Thank you all for the support! Been working hard on the remaining teams but thought I'd share this.


I'm happy that you all love the Spurs concept but for some reason I couldn't stop feeling like the jersey was unbalanced, particularly on the upper chest area so I added some detail to help fix that. Here is the first update of the series for the Spurs! Added a silhouette of the famous Alamo to really tie the concept together. 





Coming tomorrow are the Magic, Grizzlies, and Trailblazers! 



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