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Oregon Ducks Football 2017


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It's no secret that Oregon's football uniforms last season were just as inconsistent as their play on the field. With Willie Taggart and the new staff coming in, it sounds like there will be plenty of changes, including to the uniforms. According to an article by the Oregonian, the new uniforms will "stick to more traditional colors" and they'll be simplified and more consistent and "kind of a throwback to some old things we've done". What I came up with is basically a mix of what I'd like to see and what I think they might do, and I took inspiration mainly from their speed machine and mach speed sets. I stuck to apple green, yellow, black, white, and gray/silver for the colors, with more of an emphasis on green and yellow and silver being limited to small accents on the black and yellow jerseys. In addition, they've recently introduced a new logo with more simplified yet stylized wings, and I decided to use that as the base for the uniforms. There are five jerseys (apple green, yellow, black, white/green, and white/black), four pants and helmets (apple green, yellow, black, and white). Each jersey features the new wing design on the shoulders, with a metallic finish and the wings fading from the color of the collar to the color of either the numbers or number outlines of the respective jerseys. In addition, the jerseys return to the 2012-2015 font since their spring game uniforms for this year did the same. The green jersey, as well as the white jersey with green accents, both feature the duck head logo on the sleeves, while the rest of the jerseys have TV numbers in the same location. Each jersey has their new slogan "Do Something" on the inside back collar, and the helmets all feature the O logo full time, as well as the new wing logo on the nose bumpers. I have 12 combinations to show, one for each game of next season (excluding a possible bowl game). Feel free to let me know what you think, and credit for the template goes to aawagner011.


Week 1 vs. Southern Utah:


Week 2 vs. Nebraska:


Week 3 at Wyoming:


Week 4 at Arizona State:


Week 5 vs. California:


Week 6 vs. Washington State:


Week 7 at Stanford:


Week 8 at UCLA:


Week 9 vs. Utah:


Week 10 at Washington:


Week 11 vs. Arizona:


Week 12, Civil War:


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This is the perfect balance between creativity and tradition that Oregon needs!


At this point, Oregon isn't Oregon without going a little wild, but none of these combos go too far and keep the team's brand intact.


Really great work!

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These are pretty nice -- and in a lot of ways ideal for an update to Oregon's look with the new staff coming in, as you mentioned. I've found myself getting sick of Oregon's aesthetic the past few seasons, as it's been very formulaic: redistribute the volt color, retool the wing pattern, slightly tweak the font, and mix and matching everything to death. The season's worth of uniforms you have here do an excellent job of addressing the inconsistency in their uniforms, and I'll admit the newest wing pattern might be the best one yet given its simplification. The issues re: volt, the font, and mixing and matching persist and irk me still, but that's much more an issue I have with their brand rather than with your concepts. Great work on your end -- I could very well see any or all of these being worn by them this fall!

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Thanks for the comments guys, I'm glad you both like what I came up with. And @Hoopladawg87, I can definitely understand the issues you have with Oregon's brand, and I think more and more people have had similar feelings over the last couple of years. Even as an Oregon fan I thought it got a bit out of hand last season with the uniforms, especially with the lack of cohesion. I'm still fond of the basic elements of their brand, such as the colors, mixing and matching, and the font, but only if they implement those elements tastefully, especially the mixing and matching. For me it only works if each combo still looks disctincly Oregon and has at least one prominent school color (green or yellow), and that was one of my main goals with these concepts. And I wanted to make sure each combo looked cohesive in it of itself, while also staying consistent with the rest of the set. Again, thank you for the feedback, it's much appreciated. 

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I really like this. It reminds me of the way they mixed in black and white, with green and yellow during the LaMichael James Era. Back when I truly liked what they were doing. Week 12 vs Oregon State for the civil war is definitely my favorite.

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