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2017 NFL Season week by week uniform match-up combos: From HOF Game to Super Bowl LII


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1 hour ago, arron said:

The redskins could wear all white or all burgundy if they wear all white that means that the cowboys would be in all navy


This is very possible. Been a locker room thing for a while:



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2 minutes ago, s3ahawkz said:

Why doesn't the front office let the players choose the uniforms for some games? As long as it doesn't look really bad I don't see why you wouldn't let the players choose if they really wanted a certain uniform to be worn


Because they can't have the inmates running the prison.

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8 hours ago, goforbroke said:

Already posted week 11, jumping ahead to week 12 which has some interesting stuff in it due to thanksgiving:


Right now, the Rams are the only team scheduled to wear white at home, with the Saints scheduled to wear color on road.


That means on the schedule the Cowboys are scheduled to wear navy at home on thanksgiving, its not designated as throwback but it should be their throwback navy uniforms.  This is the only color home game on the schedule for the cowboys, and it was implied they may try to wear navy at home more often (once is more often than zero).
However, the Chargers are scheduled to wear color against the cowboys, and not just color but actually their alt powder blues.  But I don't think that is correct. If I had to guess before this was finalized the chargers assumed they would were color on the road and chose powder blue. But they will probably be in white against Cowboys in navy throwback.


The Lions are also scheduled to wear throwbacks. And there is one more throwback on the schedule.


There are also two other color alternates in addition to the chargers on the schedule.


The Redskins and Giants are not scheduled to wear throwbacks on Thanksgiving night, which seems like a missed oppurtunity to me but whatever.  Not color rush either so it will be a burgendy vs. white matchup.

Hey, do you have any info if the Vikings are going to wear their Color Suck uniforms at all this season?

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On 11/13/2017 at 10:38 AM, nuordr said:

NFL Week 10 Uniform Matchup Survey - Survey ends at 5:00 PM on November 14, 2017


You can check out the rest of our surveys and/or results on our blog located here: https://uniwatchfansfb.blogspot.com/

The Titans-Bengals matchup would have scored higher IMO if one team chose to wear white pants instead of dark ones.

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On 11/14/2017 at 9:43 PM, DiePerske said:

stuff happens, but, i do miss @infrared41's best/worst lists


Thanks. Without making this too dramatic, I stopped doing the lists because I had heart attack* back at the beginning of October. Needless to say, the lists became a low priority. That being said, I really appreciate everyone who followed and contributed to the best and worst lists thread every week. 




For those that might be interested or care, thanks to the Good Lord, a lot of crazy luck, and the world class staff at the Cleveland Clinic, I'm fine now. Believe it or not, I walked away in better shape than I was in before the heart attack. Miraculously, there was no muscle damage to my heart. My only restriction is that, because of the stents that were put in, I can't fly until January. My prognosis is excellent. In short, I really dodged a bullet. 


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23 hours ago, DiePerske said:

stuff happens, but, i do miss @infrared41's best/worst lists


Since you brought it up....


This is what my best list would have looked like this week.


1. Packers - Bears

2. Giants - 49ers

3. Steelers - Colts

4. Vikings - Redskins

5. Browns - Lions

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