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Pro Baseball Clubs of America (Atlanta Added)


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Been a little over a year since I tried my hand at a fictional baseball league series. I went back to the drawing board and created some new teams, as well as perfected previous ones from when I did this before. I went a lot more in-depth with everything this time, and spent a lot more time on each franchise.


This is the PBCA (Pro Baseball Clubs of America). The league so far has 20 teams, and I will post sporadically when I'm completely done with a team.





1. Kansas City Roasters

2. Charlotte Xpress

3. Colorado Bluegills

4. Las Vegas Lights

5. Washington Founders

6. Atlanta Hammers

7. Boston Chowdas

8. Seattle Spinners

9. San Diego Servicemen

10. Alaska Black Bears

11. New York Hitters

12. Detroit Crows

13. Atlantic City Skippers

14. Montreal Macareux

15. Anaheim Peppers

16. Virginia Vipers

17. Chicago Rhinos

18. Arizona Sun Cats

19. Madison Creamers

20. Cincinnati Stingers




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On 5/12/2017 at 3:02 PM, FlyingBuckeye7 said:

Not quite sure how I like the Red on Brown

I'm going to revisit Kansas City later on, I'm playing around with a few things such as logos and colors.

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Introducing the Charlotte Xpress, who play at Jordan Stadium in downtown Charlotte. MJ bought the team and had a new stadium built bearing his name. This is the most pitcher friendly ball field in the league, with dead center measuring in at 506'! Only one guy has hit the fence in center, with no one clearing it so far.












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Love the work so far and love how Charlotte has the colors of my Mets (though I feel the colors work better for a team in New York and not Charlotte) Speaking of New York will New York (or at least Brooklyn/ Long Island as whole) have a team?

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9 hours ago, Bowski said:

Wow, this is impressive to say the least. Will Detroit be receiving a team?

Detroit will have a team called the Detroit Crows, inspired by the movie "The Crow" which takes place there. 

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Charlotte has been updated slightly. I darkened the blue to navy and added a white home cap and changed the home script. I think it looks a lot better. Since you guys want to know the teams in the league, here they are so far. I am down to add more, I love the name Arizona Sun Cats, that might have to be a team :)





-edit- Please refer to the 1st post to see the teams in the league.-edit-



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The Colorado Bluegills are located just outside of Denver in Golden, CO, and play at Jake Jabs Field. The team uses a special shade of light blue for their road jerseys to pay homage to the old-school road unis from the 70's and 80's in baseball.









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