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Portland Wolves Baseball


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In my graphic design class, we got to do a choice project so I decided to create a baseball team. I just want to post it on here and get some feedback but won't be updating it due to me not having the correct files at my house. So without further ado:


*The gray and white pants indicate they can be worn home or away

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Overall, I like this concept.. Lots of good things going on here.


**The full-body silhouette of the wolf is good, but makes for a bad partial (head only) logo.. I'd suggest either stylizing the silhouette with a bit of detail (think Detroit lions full-body logo) so it translates better to the head-only version.. Another option would be actually having the detail in the head-only version so it's more clearly a wolf.. The last option would be to slightly alter the position and angle of the silhouette so the head-only is a bit more clear (ear, head shape, mouth - better defined).

** The line-weight of the "PORTLAND" font is a bit too thin in my opinion (also for the "Est. 2017" in the roundel) I think adjusting those a bit would go a long way.. 


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