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Gretel’s ‘unbranded’ branding for Viceland


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this article came out last year with the launch of Viceland's new identity, but its a good enough read to post now. it's one of my favorite brand identities right now; it may look simple, but dont confuse it for lazy. it takes a lot of work to get something this minimal. and good :)




“It was a very open brief. No visual direction and no discussion of brand pillars or core ethos or anything like that,” says Moore. “The Vice sensibility naturally informed all the content, which was the thing I still remember from that first meeting. They shared a really epic montage of all the material they were developing, and that made a big impact on us. It was arresting, beautiful, funny, provocative, very Vice. We knew it would be a mistake to step on that material or develop design that would draw too much attention to itself.”





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Same thoughts here, really fell in love when I saw this identity and brand for the first time. It's super direct and really relates to their brand.

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