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Vegas Golden Knights Concept


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Vegas Golden Knights

Home and Road Concept


The basis of this concept was inspired by the new draft hat that leaked about a week ago.

It had similar striping going around the back of the hat, and I figured it may be a leak to the

jersey design? Anyways, I used a very similar design to an old Vancouver Canucks concept

I did awhile back. I always thought the 'V' arm and side striping would always look cool on

a jersey (if done right) and I feel it's pretty successful here too. 


The one struggle I had with this concept (along with a problem I see with a lot of Vegas

concepts) is the color scheme. It's a unique color scheme, which is great, but I thought

it was very tough to get a good balance between the black and the steel gray. I also 

brightened up the gold from the original logo and used the brighter gold found on their 

ColorWerx page. I did have fun with this though, as I've wanted to complete a Vegas

concept for awhile now. So, if you read this, thank you. I hope you like it! 





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3 hours ago, B-mer said:

these are pretty sweet.  Great job!  I personally would like to see gold numbers, but I completely get the color balance aspect of how you have each of them. 


Thank you, I'm really curious as to what the final product is.


Not gonna lie, I dont have high expectations. So maybe it'll help me be more pleased with the outcome.

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