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What's your favorie team's oldest logo?


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Timeless. Beautiful logo that I know many agree on here would love to see brought back.



A lot of people didn't like it in its day because it wasn't intimidating enough, or something. I have it tattooed on my inner forearm. So, again, to me it's timeless.



Bleh. That terrible font is the 90's epitomized (Although to be fair I'm not the biggest fan of the current logo either.)



The mothership has this as the oldest known FSU (helmet) logo. It's whatever. Boring and uninspired. No wonder it was scrapped after one season.

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The original New York Highlanders "logo" from 1903:




And the original interlocking NY from when the Highlanders officially changed their name to the Yankees in 1913:




(Presumably) the first badge that Manchester United ever wore on their shirt is in the upper right hand corner - a red rose for Lancashire (the historic county in which Manchester is located). Later on, they'd wear the coat of arms of Manchester for significant matches, such as cup finals (seen in middle center).




United's first true "logo" or team-specific crest was the following, obviously based off of the coat of arms of Manchester:



Ironically, the way it was rendered, it used white roses (as in Yorkshire) rather than red (as in Lancashire)! They were obviously going for a representation of the red rose of Lancashire, but forgot one really important part - making it red. ;) 

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12 hours ago, EddieJ1984 said:


The phillies apprently had one of the first logo's in baseball.

It's interesting, william penn puringf rom the top of city hall and with 9 players behind him.



Is that logo from 1883?

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1 hour ago, Gothamite said:



Is that logo from 1883?

1915 according to this article. 1900 according to the mothership/



On here:


So I don't know what they used prior to it. Guess nothing?

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